FirstConnectt revolutionizes business communication with CPaaS Platform

FirstConnectt, a Mumbai-based communication solutions and mobile engagement company, has unveiled its latest innovation in the realm of cloud communications with the launch of its platform as a service (CPaaS) called This groundbreaking platform is set to revolutionize the way businesses engage with their customers globally, starting with the provision of programmable SMS APIs that seamlessly integrate into applications across more than 200 countries.

Shaibaz Shaikh, Co-Founder of FirstConnectt, emphasized the evolving nature of customer interactions in a globalized digital landscape. He stated, “With the rapid proliferation of mobile applications and web-based services, customers transcend geographical boundaries. To effectively engage with this global customer base, businesses require reliable and scalable communication solutions.” addresses this need by empowering businesses and developers, regardless of their telecom expertise, to craft cutting-edge applications capable of delivering automated messages such as transaction notifications, billing information, renewals, and feedback across diverse geographic regions.


While currently focuses on inbound and outbound SMS APIs, FirstConnectt has ambitious plans to expand its service offerings to include video and omni-channel communication platforms. Shaibaz Shaikh, Co-Founder at FirstConnectt, highlighted the company’s commitment to providing an enterprise-grade platform underpinned by the latest cloud technologies, ensuring security, scalability, and a remarkable 99.995% availability. Moreover, FirstConnectt has forged partnerships with over 800 operators worldwide, fortifying the network with robust redundancy measures to guarantee uninterrupted service delivery.
In addition to SMS capabilities, FirstConnectt is poised to introduce two new services to RCS (Rich Communication Services) communications and WhatsApp Business integration. RCS offers an enriched messaging experience, allowing businesses to engage customers with interactive features such as rich media, suggested replies, and real-time chat. Meanwhile, WhatsApp Business integration enables seamless communication between businesses and their customers via the ubiquitous messaging platform, leveraging its extensive user base and convenient interface.

With these added services, FirstConnectt solidifies its position as a frontrunner in the CPaaS arena, empowering businesses to forge meaningful connections with customers worldwide through diverse communication channels. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, FirstConnectt remains committed to driving innovation and enhancing customer experiences in the realm of mobile engagement.

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