Nuberg Engineering LTD Founder A.K. Tyagi reveals how his company, “strives to be good global corporate citizen by innovating technologies that benefit the world”

Nuberg Engineering Founder MR AK Tyagi says, “our vision is to provide our clients with high-quality and cost-effective solutions for large-scale industrial projects. Nuberg is currently working on developing fuel cell systems & Bioethanol, as alternative energy sources that are competitive in the market. We are reducing the cost of fuel cell systems through innovation, technical optimization, and scaling.”

Business Upturn had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. AK Tyagi, the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Nuberg Engineering Ltd., a leading EPC company in India. He has led Nuberg EPC to become a global player in the EPC market and delivered more than over 60 turnkey projects across 32+ countries in past 25 years. The company is one of the fastest growing EPC companies in chlor alkali / caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, and calcium chloride, serving the chemicals & fertilizers, hydrocarbon, steel, and nuclear & defence industries worldwide. In this conversation Mr Tyagi shares his vision for the organisation and his success mantra.

1. What strategies do you have in place to stay on top of emerging technologies and industry trends that could impact your businesses operations?


We are the global leaders in EPC & LSTK projects for Hydrogen Peroxide and Calcium Chloride, and the second-best EPC Company for Caustic Soda / Chlor-Alkali plants. Our track record of successful delivery has earned us the trust and satisfaction of our clients, who rely on us for their mission critical EPC projects.
We have a strong internal team of over 300 engineers, with a capacity of 300,000 engineering work hours, that gives us an edge over our competitors.
We also have a specialized heavy fabrication facility in Gujarat, which enables us to deliver high-quality and timely solutions.
Furthermore, we have a research & development facility in Sweden, where we develop innovative process technologies that enhance our capabilities in deploying large-scale industrial plants worldwide.

2. What kind of projects do you specialize in, and how do they address the needs of businesses in the current market?

Nuberg EPC is a leading company in delivering turnkey projects for various industries, such as Chemicals & Fertilizers, Green Energy, Steel, Nuclear & Defence and Hydrogen fuel. Our projects are essential for the country’s development and progress. We have the skills and experience to design, build, and commission large-scale industrial plants and infrastructure. For example:

In 2022-23, we secured a 400 TPD sulphur recovery unit (SRU) in Vadodara and a 10 TPD bioethanol plant project in Panipat for IOCL.
We have successfully completed a heat steam generator project for HPCL, a technology and equipment project for GAIL, a benzol distillation plant for SAIL, and an NPK fertilizer plant for FACT in Kochi.
Nuberg EPC has participated in various projects related to hydrogen generation and use in India and other countries. It has implemented cutting-edge technologies and methods to lower costs, increase efficiency and quality, ensure safety and eco-friendliness, and satisfy the changing needs and demands of the customers. Nuberg has also launched India’s first hydrogen plant with IOCL’s Gujarat Refinery in Vadodara, which is a pioneer in the field. We cater to the specific needs of businesses in the current market by focusing on the following aspects:

Customized Solutions: We work closely with our clients to understand their goals, challenges, and operational needs. We then offer customized solutions that suit their requirements.
Technology Integration: We use the latest technologies and innovations to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of our projects. We optimize the use of resources, reduce energy consumption, and minimize environmental impact by using advanced technologies.
Cost-effectiveness: We provide competitive solutions that deliver value for our clients while ensuring quality and compliance with industry standards. We manage our projects efficiently and procure our materials strategically to optimize costs without compromising on project outcomes.
Timely Execution: We deliver our projects on time, recognizing the importance of minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency for our clients. We follow strict project management practices, adhere to tight deadlines, and leverage our 25 years of experience with having delivered over 60 turnkey projects across 32+ countries. We also have a team of highly qualified engineers and project managers who are experts in their respective fields. This expertise enables us to deliver projects on time and within budget, while meeting the highest standards of quality.
Global Presence and Expertise: We have a global presence and a proven track record of executing projects successfully worldwide. This global experience gives us a deep insight into the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in the current market. It enables us to apply international best practices, global standards, and industry-specific expertise to address the needs of businesses across different markets. By offering these comprehensive solutions that cover the entire project lifecycle, we ensure that our clients have a reliable partner who can help them achieve their goals. For instance, we executed the Sulphur Bentonite project for National Fertilisers Ltd in Panipat by partnering with GTC USA for the technology and then using our strengths to deliver the plant to National Fertilisers Ltd. In the hydrocarbon industry, we have executed numerous EPC projects for major oil and gas companies. These projects have helped them increase their efficiency and productivity, as well as reduce their environmental impact. These are just some examples of how we address the needs of businesses in the current market. The company is committed to providing innovative solutions that help businesses to achieve their goals.

3. How do you ensure that your projects meet the highest standards for safety, environmental sustainability, and regulatory compliance?

Safety is a top priority for Nuberg EPC, and we have taken various steps and measures to ensure the safety of our employees and the environment during project execution.
Some of the steps and measures we have taken are: Conducting comprehensive risk assessments before and during project execution. We identify and evaluate risk issues and devise workplans to address them. Risk assessments cover various aspects, such as equipment safety, site safety, and environmental risks. Providing safety training for our employees on a regular basis. We train our employees on how to use equipment and machinery safely and how to respond to emergencies. We also update our employees on the latest safety protocols through refresher courses. Implementing rigorous safety protocols and procedures on-site. We conduct safety inspections, safety checks, and safety meetings regularly and use safety equipment, such as PPE, to protect our employees from potential hazards. Implementing various measures to protect the environment from environmental risks. We develop and follow environmental management plans, use eco-friendly materials and technologies, and monitor and report our environmental performance regularly. Adopting a “safety culture” approach, where safety is a shared responsibility across the organization. We promote a culture of safety, where employees are encouraged to report safety issues and are empowered to take action to prevent potential hazards.

4. How do you manage risk and ensure project timelines and budgets are met while still delivering high-quality results?

We at Nuberg EPC are driven by our tagline Making Ideas Happen, which reflects our ability to execute the impossible and meet tough deadlines.
Our first major project was a challenging one for a new company. We had to relocate a plant from the UK to Bangladesh, overcoming various technological, legal, logistical and resource hurdles. This project was a success and led to fifteen more Greenfield projects in Bangladesh for us. It also established the core values, delivery commitment, and domain expertise that define Nuberg EPC and our roadmap to success. We have developed a habit of setting and improving delivery timeline benchmarks in the industry. Our vision is to add value to our clients by offering large-scale industrial projects with cost-effectiveness and best-in-class quality. Executing global EPC projects is a complex task that requires expertise in various aspects, such as locations, logistics, laws, norms, and guidelines. We have proven expertise in managing large logistics operations and coordinating with global suppliers. We are also competent in complying with laws, statutory requirements, societal norms across different regions. Furthermore, we are well-versed with the operating laws and guidelines, such as the electricity act, water act, labour laws, pollution laws, and their safety norms, to execute the projects without any setbacks. We are prepared with all the processes and capabilities to take on these delivery challenges. We have a diverse portfolio of global clients in various sectors. We have worked with some of the leading customers, such as Al Ghaith Industries (Abu Dhabi), Inovyn (Sweden), FLUODER (Paraguay), ADDAR (Saudi Arabia), Gulf Chlorine (Qatar), DOSTEL (Turkey), Samuda Chemical Complex (Bangladesh), AGROCHEM (Egypt), SARL SASKO (Algeria), AMASSAS Co. (Ethiopia), Aditya Birla Chemicals (India), SCE Chemicals (Morocco), NCIC (Egypt), TCI Sanmar (Egypt), Oman Chlorine (Oman).

5. What plans are on the radar to make your company futuristic?

Nuberg EPC strives to be a good global corporate citizen by innovating technologies and processes that benefit the world. Our vision is to provide our clients with high-quality and cost-effective solutions for large-scale industrial projects. Nuberg is currently working on developing fuel cell systems & Bioethanol, as alternative energy sources that are competitive in the market. We are reducing the cost of fuel cell systems through innovation, technical optimization, and scaling. We are also enhancing our industrialization capacity, which is another key challenge.
By using our Indian strengths, we are delivering projects worldwide that promote hydrogen-green, grey, and blue; 2G & 3G ethanol, water electrolysis, water-soluble fertilizers, and next-generation nutrients. We aim to increase the storage capacity significantly. In an increasingly uncertain environment, we must proceed cautiously and collaboratively. We must work with the entire supply chain to ensure coherent development and maturity of different links of the chain.

We at BusinessUpturn hope Nuberg Engineering reaches soaring heights in the days to come. For more such stories from different industries in the country, do keep a close tab right here.