Microsoft announces one-time pandemic bonus of $1500 to all employees around the world

It has been really hard for employees of business corporations all over the world. The last 2 years has seen the world being devastated amid the COVID-19 pandemic. During this tough time tech giant Microsoft has announced that they will gift every employee $1500 each which is approximately 1.12 lakh rupees. Microsoft will be giving its employees this one time bonus in the recognition by the unique and challenging fiscal year that Microsoft has completed.

Microsoft chief people officer, Kathleen Hogan had announced this one time bonus yesterday for all its eligible employees across the world. According to the reports this bonus will be given to to eligible employees of this organisation in the US as well as other countries. This bonus will be given to the employees who are below the Vice-President level within the organization even the part-time employees of Microsoft will be given this bonus.


Estimates say that it will cost approximately $200 million to Microsoft for giving all these bonuses to its employees. The company has around 1.75 lakh employees across the globe the bonus however will not be handed to employees who work for LinkedIn Zenimax and GitHub even though all of these companies are owned by Microsoft itself.

According to a report published by CNBC suggest that this bonus is a part of an effort by the technological companies to keep their employees happy during such pandemic and lockdown and make sure that they stick around in the company itself while many are still away from the officers and working from home.

There is also a reason for this bonus which is that a lot of employees have been quitting the jobs as officers reopen companies such as Amazon and Facebook have given some sort of financial incentives and benefits to the employees during the previous year.