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Instagram is the place where the world lives today. With 2 billion people a part of this social media platform, it is a force that no one can ignore. Instagram has become the number one social media platform because of its features and user-friendly applications. People have become famous, wealthy, and even celebrities through Instagram. Instagram is a craze that has taken the whole world by storm. Every part of the world is addicted to Instagram, and people spend a considerable amount of time browsing Instagram.

The thirst for getting popular has given rise to many websites that help you to get instagram followers and likes. You should be extra cautious while choosing these sites, as there are many fraud sites also. The two sites which are authentic and genuine with a track record of satisfied users are:


You can try these sites with ease for getting followers and likes. But to understand the depth of instagram’s potential it is important to understand why instagram is popular and how can we make the maximum out of it.

The rising influence of Instagram

The celebrity status of Instagram influencers is the same enjoyed by movie stars a decade ago. Instant fame and recognition that can be achieved through Instagram is the cause that more and more youth are attracted to it and are always posting on Instagram. The popularity of Instagram is directly proportional to the followers you have on Instagram and the likes you get on your posts. The more, the better. Whenever people post anything on Instagram, their instant reaction is to check how many likes it has generated.

The influencers are also not spared from it; their popularity depends on their number of likes on their reels or pictures. The followers count also increase or decrease their sponsorship deals. That is why influencers are in constant requirement of increasing their followers on Instagram. There is no secret potion or magic wand to become your Instagram influencer. If you have the potential and skill to attract the audience and to provide the entertainment they are seeking, you can also become an Instagram star or celebrity.

How to become an Instagram influencer?

This is the question that is most searched on Google whenever one is searching for Instagram. Everyone wants the fame and money attached to an influencer. The lifestyle coma the extravaganza and the popularity that an Instagram influencer gets is very tempting. And when people see that even ordinary people who are no one ago or even a month ago are suddenly social media stars.

The million-dollar question is, how one can become an Instagram influencer. Here are some tested and practical ways through which you can also become an Instagram influencer.

Create an outstanding profile

Instagram is a social media platform, and as with any other social media platform, it is all about visual stimuli that you give to the people. The profile is the first thing that people notice about you on Instagram. Whenever you aim to become an influencer, the first thing you should do is create an outstanding profile. Your display picture should be excellent and breathtaking. It should portray the best that you can present yourself. Your bio should represent what you do best. It should be done creatively and spectacularly. The profile is what the Instagram algorithm also captures and shows in the search results for that niche.

Identify your niche

Identifying the correct genre of people is very important for any social media platform. Suppose you don’t recognize the right niche for your Instagram account. In that case, you will not connect with like-minded people, and there is a significantly less possibility of your followers count increasing. If you are skilled in acting, you should create a post and reels about drama. If you are proficient in any other art like painting or sketching, you should identify with people interested in that skillset. It would help the Instagram algorithm reach out your post to the people who are similar to you in interests and thus increase your followers and likes count.

Use the power of hashtags.

Hashtags are like the nitrous boost to your Instagram account. They can give you instant recognition that no amount of posting or skill can provide you. Using the correct Instagram helps you to reach a much wider audience than any regular post would allow you to reach. The hashtag should be used smart li so that the effect of its power can be utilized to the fullest. You can use # in three ways.

  • Popular hashtags
  • Niche-specific hashtags
  • Personal hashtags

Popular hashtags are those which are widely used on Instagram and have a huge impact. These are hashtags like love friendship, youth, fun, etc.

Niche-specific hashtags are specific to a particular genre—hashtags like basketball, painting, car, boxing, fashion, etc.

Personal hashtags are those which are specific to your account only. This can include your brand name or your account name.

A combination of these hashtags can have a magical effect on your post, and within a few moments, your position would reach millions of people. There is a possibility of enhancing your followers and likes count exponentially.

Collaborating with influencers

Influencers have their own followers’ base, so collaborating with them can mean that you have reached their followers base. Even if 5 to 10% off the followers of these influences like your post or account, you could have a substantial growth in your followers’ base. Collaborating with influencers can be tricky as most of them would ask for promoting your feed. So look for other ways to collaborate with other influences. You can comment on their post frequently and get their attention. Even if the influencer replies to your post, you can get a decent amount of attention to your account. If your budget allows for a paid collaboration, then it is advisable to go for it.

Buy Instagram followers and likes.

This option seems a little controversial, but since the start of Instagram, people are using this option to get a kick start to their account on Instagram. It is not illegal to buy Instagram followers and likes, but one should be sure to buy from legitimate sites like or The problem only arises when you buy followers and likes from a dubious site. They provide the followers or preferences that are bots and not real ones. When you receive bots instead of total likes that is when you can get penalized by Instagram algorithms. It is a tried and attested medium and can work wonders if you want a quick rise in your Instagram profile. The rates are so much cheap that you can get 1000 followers for as low as 3 dollars.

Post regularly on Instagram

Instagram is a fast-moving social media platform. Here it means out of sight is out of mind. So you have to post regularly on this platform. Your followers and potential followers are always on Instagram. It is 24 hours non-stop browsing that goes on social media platforms. So you must be creative and active enough to present your audience a constant feed of your talent. The more you present yourself to your audience, the more you can get noticed and get more followers and likes on your Instagram account. So please make it a Cardinal rule to post regularly on your Instagram profile. But this should not mean that you would compromise on the quality of your post. Because the quality is compromised, then you cannot achieve what you wish for.

Be real and authentic on Instagram full show.

The real secret to becoming famous on Instagram is to be you. You should never imitate a famous influencer and mimic what he or she is doing. This is the most common mistake that everyone wants to be influencer commits. People never like a false person. They always show love and affection to loyal people for their skills and present their original talent. To be a successful influencer on Instagram, you should always give your true self to the audience. For this, you need to polish your skills work on your presentation and the perfect outcome of your post.

Concluding thoughts

Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, has given today’s youth and everyone else a platform to achieve instant global glory. Today even a 15-second video feed can make you instant talk of the world. The power of Instagram is unlimited. If you follow the points are given in this blog, then there is an excellent possibility that you too can get into the galaxy of Instagram stars. It is not impossible as millions of people have shown that even from the remotest of places on earth, you can become an international star just by the power of Instagram reach. So what’s stopping you from reaching for the stars?

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