Check out these Top 5 FMCG companies

1. ITC

ITC Limited, has now transformed into a diversified group of companies with a significant presence in other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), paperboards, printing and wrapping, agricultural goods, hotel chains, labelled processed foods, personal care items, branded apparel, stationery, safety matches, and agarbatti. Additionally, it has expanded its line of branded packaged foods to include frozen food items, ghee, dairy products, and fine chocolates. It is anticipated that ITC will increase its involvement in the eastern market for spices due to its most recent acquisition of Sunrise Foods Pvt Ltd.


2. Nestle

In the Indian FMCG market, Nestle India is a dominant company with a strong market presence in the majority of its product categories. The business, which sells various goods under the Maggi brand, is a trendsetter in the food service industry. In terms of dairy and nourishment products (96% in infant cereals), drinks (Nescafe 51%), processed foods (Instant Pasta Maggi -69%), kitchen aids (Nestle everyday 44%), and confectionery (63%), Nestle dominates the market in 85% of its product categories.

3. Britannia

With a 100-year history, Britannia Industries is among India’s top FMCG companies. It has a market share of more than a third in value terms, and Britannia is one of the leaders in the Indian biscuit sector. All seven of the business’s biscuit types, including glucose, Marie, cookies, crackers, cream, milk, and health, are well-represented in its portfolio. Additionally, it has well-known brands across its whole product line, such as Milk Bikis, Tiger, Marie, and Good Day.An extensive distribution system in both rural and urban areas supports the market’s strong position.

4. Dabur

Dabur is the largest and most influential organic health care and ayurvedic firm in the world, with 135 years of illustrious history.About 60% of Dabur’s revenue comes from its consumer products division, 11% from its food division, and the remaining 40% from its international division. Dabur has a significant consumer following worldwide and has developed a distinctive product line based on all-natural components. Hair oils, lotions, gels, hair products, dental care, and skin care products all have sizable market shares.

5. Hindustan Unilever Limited

Hindustan Unilever is one of the biggest FMCG companies in India. Seven of its brands have yearly sales of over a thousand crore individually Brands have yearly sales of over a thousand crore individually, and five of them each produce over two thousand crores. HUL is a staple in the lives of millions of people in India, offering over 40 brands across 12 different categories, including personal grooming, fabric care, skincare products, hair products, oral care, deodorants, cosmetics products, drinks, ice cream, frozen desserts, and water filters.