L&T Technology Services teams up with Microsoft to provide smart IoT solutions

L&T Technology Services has partnered with Microsoft to make its Energy & Sustainability Manager product available on Microsoft Azure.

L&T Technology Services has announced a partnership with Microsoft to make its Energy & Sustainability Manager Solution available on Microsoft Azure, allowing companies to digitally transform and build sustainable factories of the future.

The new agreement is part of LTTS’ growing partnership with Microsoft to let businesses all over the world take advantage of its cutting-edge manufacturing solution suite, which is housed on Azure’s enterprise cloud-first, mobile-first infrastructure.


By examining the plant equipment and utilities, the LTTS’ Energy & Sustainability Manager will measure energy losses across industries and facilities, reducing the amounts of waste generated throughout a business and providing full compliance and standard-driven solutions.” The system, which will be deployed on Azure, will be offered to end-customers as an IP-Cosell solution across a number of industries, according to LTTS.

It is now required in a smart industrial setup to track and audit all types of energy consumption in order to meet sustainability targets. To improve the energy map, comply with statutory rules, save on energy costs, and reach net-zero carbon emissions, organisations must conserve energy throughout the water, air, natural gas, electricity, and steam.

“Energy conservation and long-term viability have become fundamental objectives of all big digital transformation projects. In such conditions, it’s critical for manufacturing businesses to accomplish environmental compliance and regulations, as well as to ensure that environmental goals are met across the board,” said Abhishek Sinha, LTTS’ chief operating officer.