L&T bids 3,166 crore to build the largest river bridge in the country

L&T bids 3,166 crore to build the largest 20 km, 4-lane road river bridge across the Brahmaputra from Dhubri to Phulbari on NH 127B. However, the company bids the lowest with respect to SP singla constructions which was less then 1000 cr. The tender for building the longest road river bridge was given by NHIDCL (National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation limited. The project will improve the connectivity in the northeastern states in the long run and cut the travel distance of over 200 km. This will encourage trade, tourism and commerce into the states.

 The project will be run under the PPP Hybrid Annuity Model which is a mix of EPC and BOT- Annuity model where project cost will be shared by the government and the private sector player in the ration of 40:60 ratio respectively. According to this model, the private player will be paid fixed amount of annuity up till 15 years similar to to the BOT annuity model also the player which demands lowest annuity (in bidding) gets the contract. 


The development goals are prevalent to achieve into the state through this project. As a result the lack of development, infrastructure and financial capacity is seen to be looked upon through the project.