India is a very appealing market, we can find another opportunity: Sony COO post Zee merger collapse

Following the termination of the proposed merger of its Indian arm with Zee, Sony is set to explore various options, including seeking alternative opportunities and focusing on organic growth in India, as highlighted by a senior company official.

During an earnings call, Hiroki Totoki, President, COO & CFO of Sony, emphasized India’s significant potential for long-term growth, reaffirming the company’s commitment to investing in the country.


“India, on a long-term basis, has great growth potential. It’s a very appealing market. Therefore, we will try to seek various opportunities, and if we can find another opportunity that would replace this type of plan,” Totoki stated in response to inquiries about Sony’s strategy in India post the termination of the proposed merger.

Regarding the investment commitment made by Sony as part of the deal, Totoki clarified, “Well, that investment is not going to change capital allocation or affect our investment behavior. So at the moment, we do not have any concrete plans.”

The termination of the merger has prompted Sony to reassess its approach in the Indian market, focusing on leveraging opportunities and fostering growth independently.