Future CEO Biyani takes dig at Amazon; compares to ‘ruthlessness’ of Alexander the Great

Amazon Inc has been stuck in a feud of protracted legal disputes with Future in the Delhi High Court.

The Delhi High Court is hearing Amazon’s plea seeking the enforcement of the Emergency Award restraining Future Group from going ahead with its deal with Reliance Retail.
Amazon has accused the Indian company of violation of contracts by making plans to sell its retail assets to Reliance Industries. Future has denied this accusation.


Future Retail had plans to move a $3.4 billion deal which might have a trouble seeing the light of the day as Amazon makes every attempt to not let it get regulatory approval.

Commenting on Amazon’s efforts to damage Future Group’s $3.4 billion retail assets sale, Future Retail Group’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) compared it to Alexander the Great’s “ruthless ambition to scorch the earth.”
This comment was found on a memo seen by Reuters.

Further attacking Amazon, Biyani said the “vexatious litigation and harassment makes one wonder about the similarity in ruthless ambition to scorch the earth akin to the Greek Alexander – after all, they are inspired to name their product as Alexa”.

“History tells us that Alexander conquered large parts of the world but failed in India,” he said implying that Future Retail would not be backing down in this legal battle.

Although Amazon hasn’t made any public comments on Biyani’s attack, Amazon had, in its last court hearing, requested the judge to put Biyani under detention in a civil prison.