Anand Mahindra invests $ 1 million in a startup called Hapramp

Anand Mahindra chairman of Mahindra Group invested $ 1 million in a Gurugram based startup working on technologies like blockchain and social media called, Hapramp. It was founded in 2018 by five students from the Indian Institute of Information and Technology in Vadodara.

Mr Mahindra announced a funding opportunity for an Indian social media startup that met certain criteria two years back. Today he tweeted, “Took 2 yrs, but I finally found the start-up I was looking for! @Hapramp is indigenous, built by 5 young founders & brings together a best-in-class combination of creativity, technology & data protection. Look out for @gosocial_app their social networking platform.”


Ex- Mahindra executive, Jaspreet Bindra who was assigned the duty of finding a next-gen Indian Social Media startup said, “The Hapramp team is building a Web 3.0 social network. It is built on emerging digital technologies, has a solid business model which rewards content creators, protects personal data, and best of all, is built here locally in India.”

Hapramp operates 1Ramp. io, a social media platform powered by Steem Blockchain and Asteria Protocol along with its flagship social networking solution, GoSocial.

GoSocial allows users to take creative challenges designed by artists, writers, designers and get rewarded. The current focus of the startup is on building userbase and monetisation will happen eventually.

While interacting with a popular news agency PTI, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Hapramp Mr Shubhendra Vikram said, “We are honoured and excited. This is a massive approval of our mission to give creators the right to their content. We plan to use the funds to expand our platform and want to empower creators.”

Presently, the app is available on Play Store but soon it will be made available for App Store as well. It has managed to gain 50,000 users in three months and the startup aims to increase the number to 10,00,000 by the end of the year.

As of now, the startup is run by 12 employees. However, according to Shubhendra, the firm has started to consider hiring and will be a team of 25-30 people by the end of the year.