Elon Musk gains 15 billion dollars, likely to become world’s third-richest person

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, fortune jumps to 15 billion dollars after his electric carmaker Tesla Inc was named for inclusion in the S&P 500. This will result in the positioning of him as the world’s third-richest person, after Mark Zuckerberg.

Elon Musk, 49, was recently tested positive for COVID-19 and on Sunday his rocket launched four astronauts into space.


Tesla stock closed at 408.09 dollars and surged about 14% on Monday. This resulted in lifting Mr Musk’s net worth to 117.5 billion dollars. Among the top 500 richest people, his wealth jumped 90 billion dollars this year making him achieve the biggest gain.

Tesla is expected to enter the S&P 500 on December 21, and after the one temporary setback, the stock failed to make the cut during the index’s quarterly rebalancing in early September. Tesla would be the biggest new entrant in the group’s history.

On Saturday, Musk tweeted “He is most likely had a moderate case of COVID-19 and has had symptoms of a minor cold.” On Sunday he tweeted “he had no symptoms.” The same day four astronauts went to the International Space Station in a vehicle built by Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp.