Eco-Friendly Logistics Through SeaRates: The Green Contribution of 20-Foot Containers towards Sustainability

In the present global trade scenario, sustainability has become a crucial area of focus for every industry in the world. The shipping industry has also come forward to adapt to an environment-friendly approach and reduce carbon footprints. One such leading advancement in this direction is the adoption of 20-foot containers, which are now becoming instrumental in transforming the art of sustainable shipping practices.

Fuel consumption is significantly lower due to 20-foot containers, and it is considered one of the most prominent advantages in terms of environmental savings. These containers are made to maximise available space so that more cargo can be moved in a single trip. Because of the disparity in number, there will be fewer trips, which translates to lower fuel consumption and lower emissions of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide.


The strategic focus of SeaRates lies in route and rate sharing toward more sustainable multimodal mobility.  Pushing alternative ways of transportation, such as rail and water, reduces dependence on automobile transportation, which is usually more carbon-intensive. From such a holistic approach to logistics comes the most efficient and environmentally friendly shipping.

Added to this, 20-foot containers’ strength and formability for recycling lends great support to environmental sustainability. Such containers are built to overcome unforgiving maritime conditions. Due to this factor, they can be used for a long period without the bother of buying alternatives, hence being economical. Furthermore, the materials used while making such containers are recyclable, and this feature gives credence to the idea of a circular economy.

Beyond just the placement of the container, SeaRates is also concerned with sustainable development. The company has a place for digitization and implements the most advanced technology of route planning that would allow optimising resources and reducing the impact on the environment. Due to the data analytics and real-time monitoring, this company tries to make the most optimal decisions and maximise effectiveness with the minimal possible impact on the environment.

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