Google, Apple, Amazon lobby groups opposes India’s Digital Bill – similar to EU’s antitrust proposal

A U.S. lobby group representing tech giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon has asked India rethink its decision of proposing EU- like competition law, arguing regulations against data use and preferential treatment of partners could raise user costs, as per Reuters, citing a letter.

The lobby has cited increasing market power of a few big digital companies in India, a government panel in February proposed imposing obligations on them under a new antitrust law which will complement existing regulations whose enforcement the panel said is “time consuming.”


India’s ‘Digital Competition Bill’ is on the lines of EU’s landmark Digital Markets Act 2022 and will be applicable to big firms, including those with a global turnover of over $30 billion and who has been providing services to at least 10 million users locally, which will ultimately bring some of the world’s biggest tech firms under its ambit.

The bill forbids the companies from exploiting non- public data of its users and promoting their own services over rivals, and also abolish restrictions on downloading third party apps.