Chromebooks to Get 10 Years of Automatic Updates, Better Security Features

Google has revealed that all Chromebooks released in 2021 or later will now get 10 years of automatic updates starting 2024.

Google is giving Chromebooks important changes, which will extend the time between updates. Google recently announced that all Chromebook platforms will now automatically receive regular updates every four weeks to improve security. There will be robust built-in security safeguards for Chromebooks that stop receiving automated updates. Furthermore, new ChromeOS updates for Chromebooks will speed up the repair procedure. In the upcoming months, there will also be additional energy-saving features including adaptive charging technology for a longer battery life.

Google updated its blog post on September 14 with new information for Chromebook users. All Chromebooks sold in 2021 or later will now enjoy 10 hours of battery life, according to the business, which first debuted Chromebooks in 2012.


Users of Chromebooks that were introduced prior to 2021, on the other hand, can extend automatic upgrades for up to ten years after the platform’s launch. With these changes, the tech giant intends to give Chromebook users’ security first priority.

A speedier repair procedure will be another significant enhancement. Users can currently get their Chromebooks fixed through partners of the Chromebook Repair Programme or through organisations that grant certificates for fixing Chromebooks. Google will, however, shortly roll out new repair processes that will enable licenced repair facilities, particularly in the US, to fix Chromebooks without a real USB key.

As part of its efforts to protect the environment, Google is currently considering ways to include energy-efficient features in subsequent updates. Additionally, it will feature adaptive charging to extend the life of Chromebook batteries. The device’s battery saver mode will assist in eliminating energy-intensive features.