Bumble Inc. gives 700 employees a break to recover from COVID-19 burnout

Bumble Inc., the dating and relationship app has temporarily shut its offices this week. The app where women have to make the first move has provided its about 700 employees a ‘much-needed break’ to combat COVID-19 burnout or simply, workplace stress.

All fully vaccinated employees are required to return to the office by fall in corporations like Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Company. Apply Inc. has pursued a hybrid work-from-home strategy while Twitter has stated that many employees will work from home indefinitely.


An internal letter seen by The Verge, said that Apple’s policy has “already forced some of our colleagues to quit.”

During the pandemic, as Zoom happy hours, Netflix parties and online coffee dates were introduced, in-person dates went virtual.

Companies such as the accounting firm KPMG has introduced new steps to combat the fatigue and burnout some of the workers might experience after more than a year of working in a set up that was less than ideal home.

Many businesses have thrived but many of their workers are on the verge of quitting. According to a study by Microsoft Corporation , 41 percent of the workers may quit in 2021.

Amidst a trend of employers persuading their employees to stay as they have their best interests, the paid vacation for Bumble staff and employees at its Latin American unit Badoo has come into existence.