Why is Ready-to-Eat market expected to bring change in India over the next decade?

Packaged food has come a long way and the Indian ready-to-eat market has also experienced an unprecedented growth over the past years. This growth is driven by urbanization, lifestyle changes and increasing demand for convenience foods that save time. Among new options are home-cooked meals, healthy food, and comfort food thatches with real pieces of meat or vegetables. Moreover, these changes will not only fit into evolving consumer preferences but also take advantage of technological advances and sustainability concerns.

Following are the ways in which Ready to eat market will be poised to prevail in India:


Focus on Wellness:

In addition to this, consumers are becoming ever more concerned about health and wellness hence shifting the ready-to-eat landscape. This shift can be expected to continue throughout the next decade as well. Data from Mintel shows that in 2025 more than seventy percent of Indians are willing to pay more for healthier ready-to-eat alternatives.

Indian Superfoods and Recipes:

The ready-to-eat market is waking up to see how Indian recipes and Indian superfoods can be included in packaged foods. In fact, it is currently one of the most talked-about trends in the industry that will see a steady rise within the next decade. Packaged foods will incorporate more traditional ingredients that have recognized health benefits including an array of Indian superfoods.

Hyper Personalization:

Owning to technological advancements such as AI, the next decade will probably witness hyper personalization and customization in all ready- to- eat options. This could lead to very well included personalized options, and will result in reduced food wastage.

Plant-Based and Ethnic Diversity:

The trend of plant based diet is growing globally and is expected to gain prominence in India as well over the next decade. As per the date by Good Food Institute, the adoption of plant-based diets is projected to rise by 15 percent by 2030.