When is it time to order wicketed bags?

Are you looking for an efficient, versatile solution for packing your products? Wicketed bags, or bags on a wicket, offer solutions for a wide range of packaging needs. Whether you’re in the food sector, retail or an entirely different field, understanding the right time to order this convenient packaging option can streamline your operation and improve your product presentation. Let’s dive into the world of wicketed bags and discover how they can take your business to the next level!

The Basics: What are Wicketed Bags?


Wicketed bags are plastic or paper bags bundled together on one side on a metal wicket. This unique packaging method makes bag filling faster and more efficient, ideal for automated packaging lines. Thanks to their stability and easy accessibility, they speed up the packaging process and reduce labour costs.

The perfect timing: when to order wicketed bags?

As soon as your production numbers increase and you seek efficiency in your packaging process, it’s time to consider wicketed bags. These bags are perfect for quick filling, which is essential for keeping up with higher production volumes.

Improving product presentation

Want your products to look their best on the shelves? Wicketed bags offer a sleek, uniform look that reinforces your brand and improves the visibility of your products.

Versatility in packaging

Whether you pack fresh produce, frozen goods, or non-food items, wicketed bags are adaptable to a variety of sizes and specifications. If you need flexible packaging solutions, it’s time to order these bags.

Benefits of wicketed bags

Efficiency: Reduce manual work and speed up the packaging process.

Uniformity: Provides a consistent look that contributes to a professional appearance.

Adaptability: Suitable for a wide range of products and packaging requirements.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

At a time when sustainability is becoming increasingly important, wicketed bags also play a crucial role in reducing your carbon footprint. Many of these bags are made of recyclable materials or designed for multiple use, contributing to a greener packaging strategy. Consider eco-friendly options when you place your next order, and let your customers know that your brand is committed to sustainability.

The power of customisation

Personalisation makes all the difference in today’s market. Wicketed bags offer extensive branding options, from customised sizes to eye-catching prints that reinforce your brand identity. By investing in customised packaging, you not only create a unique look but also increase the recognition of your products.

Tips for a seamless transition

Are you considering the switch to wicketed bags? Start with a thorough evaluation of your current packaging line to ensure a smooth integration. Identify any adjustments needed in your equipment or processes and consider a trial run to identify the benefits and adjustments. Proper preparation ensures a seamless transition and maximises efficiency from day one.

NNZ: Your Partner for wicketed bags in North America

When it’s time to take the plunge into wicketed bags, NNZ is here to support you. For customers in the United States, NNZ USA is ready to meet all your packaging needs, while NNZ Canada offers the same top-notch service for the Canadian market. With in-depth industry knowledge and a wide range of packaging solutions, we are here to help you get the most out of your packaging.