Top 4 small caps trading to 52- week low which might interest you

Small-cap stocks are back in the news. Only this time, they’re not surging like they were in March. At that time, SEBI’s observation had then sparked a sell-off. Enter, the Matter of argument has been completely reversed.

In fact, as we write this sentence smallcap indices appear to be on a tear once again — making record highs not every day but practically every other day.


1. TCI

There is TCI Express on top of the list. It offers distribution services via multiple means of transport. TCI Express’ clientele includes a variety of firms from different industries such as automobiles, drugs, textiles, engineering and telecommunications.

This enables the company to cover 95%+ pin codes in India, having established a hub and spoke infrastructure with across the country 900+ owned centres thereby including more than 40k pick-up points and 50k delivery points.

By means of this model it caters to FTL/LTL surface transportation, Domestic & International Air Services and E-commerce express services for its customers. The company’s shares hit their 52-week low at Rs.997 on March 14th,2024. Its shares are currently trading at around just over 8% above their all time lows. This fall comes after poor financial performance.

2. Goodyear India

Goodyear, ranked second in the list, is engaged in manufacturing and selling of tyres and tubes. The main application area for its products is automobile industry where it supplies major automobile companies like Escorts and Mahindra Tractor with various tyre sizes.

The company’s shares hit their 52-week low at Rs.1,100 on March 28th ,2024.The shares are just selling approximately less than10% away from their lowest price within twelve months period.

3. Transpek Industry

Transpek Industry is a chemical company based in India. The company is a part of Excel’s group of companies and produces and exports various chemicals. It caters to several industries including textiles, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and advanced polymers.

The niche of the business is chlorinated chemistry products manufacturing. It has expertise in making acid and alkyl chlorides over the years so that it now ranks among one of the big players in this segment. Its products are also used in Electric Vehicles (EV) as well as Defense Applications.

On 20 November 2023, shares of the company hit their 52-week low at Rs 1,615. As at now, the company’s shares are just trading 8.9% from their 52 week low.

4. Satia Industries

Satia Industries is one of India’s leading wood-based paper manufacturers with a fully integrated manufacturing setup for agro-based papers. The Company directly supplies paper to different state boards which account for more than forty percent business. The firm enjoys around10-12 percent market share in state orders.

On 13 March 2024, shares of the company hit their 52-week low at Rs104.The company’s shares are just trading only ten percent away from its fifty-two-week low point .