Top 3 best business ideas to use if online gambling is legalised in India

When it comes to gambling in India, the concept lies in the grey zone of the law. The states are entitled to the formulation of gambling laws within their respective jurisdiction.

But the number of Indians placing bets online has been rising significantly. Even though most states don’t permit in-house betting activities, there isn’t any particular law declaring that online gambling is illegal.


International betting sites have taken note of this loophole and started focusing more and more on the Indian market.

However, gambling is still unregulated and betting sites aren’t allowed to operate on Indian territory. But what if it was different – what if online gambling was fully legalised – what new industries and businesses would blossom in the wake of this liberalisation?

In this article, we will take a look at some of the potential business ideas that you could exploit if/when online gambling and betting becomes legal in India. Let’s take a look.

Develop Online Betting and Casino Apps Directly In India

App development is huge in India, and some of the world’s leading app development companies started in India, or have Indian developers in very prominent roles.

By using the know-how of our amazing app developers, India could take a leading role in the development of iGaming applications.

With the current legal environment, developing such applications in India may be considered legally impossible – but if online gambling was to be legalised, this is a sector that could blossom in India.

Start a Customer Support Center For Online Betting and Casinos

What’s the first thing you do when you run into trouble while using a particular website or application? Contact customer support, of course!

But what happens when customer support isn’t available? Maybe you are contacting them outside their opening hours, or maybe customer support is simply not available in your desired language.

If online betting was legalised in India, a savvy businessman may choose to start a customer support center for online gambling sites that specifically serve the Indian market.

Such a customer support center could sell outsourced support to any number of betting sites, and provide support in both English, Hindi and any number of Indian languages.

Such a customer support center could provide support specifically tailored to Indian players. This would provide for a truly satisfying customer service experience.

Start a Live Casino

A live casino is, in many ways, the same as a real world casino. The only difference is that the games are all broadcasted through a live feed via the internet, and the players can be anywhere in the world, from Mumbai to Manchester.

Live casinos are popular, because they give the player the opportunity to play casino games against a real live dealer.

Most live casinos of today are located in Malta, because this is the iGaming hub of the world. But who says it has to be that way? If betting was legalised, you could have live casinos popping up right here in India!

By starting a live casino locally and by hiring and training local live dealers, you would be able to provide a more authentic live casino experience, at more competitive rates.

Final words

The above-mentioned business ideas provide only a fraction of the possible business opportunities one could exploit if online betting was finally legalised in India.

At the moment, the progress towards legalisation is moving slowly, but all indications point to legalisation happening within the next few years.

Having a plausible business idea ready when the market opens up could prove to be very lucrative. Being a first-mover in a new industry is an immense opportunity.

Will you be ready to strike when betting is legalised? Start developing your business idea today!

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