How to increase TikTok followers?

TikTok is among the fastest emerging social apps for making videos and posting them to become famous. A majority of TikTok users make funny videos with background music to entertain their followers. We must also know that having more on TikTok can help you earn and become a celebrity. In this article, we get you the best ways to increase TikTok followers in a short time.

Identifying your target audience


Just as on any other social media platform like Instagram or Twitter, you need to identify the target audience and the age group of people interested in the kind of videos you post. For example, if you create videos for youngsters with pranks and fun involved, consider your target audience between the age group of thirteen to twenty-five. There are TikTok videos made, especially for females and others for males.

Or if you go the other way, you can decide a group of the target audience, like an age group of 35 and above, will like specialized videos. Whichever way you make the videos, decide on your target followers, and then go ahead with the promotion.

Using TikTok to educate the followers

Like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, you can use TikTok to make educational videos for your followers. Some TikTok users also post the same videos on other social media platforms to earn fame. There’s a split test people use to check which part of the video draws maximum viewers towards it.

To properly discover what works best for your TikTok page, we suggest that you upgrade your TikTok account to the Pro Version. It will offer you insights that let you know how your TikTok videos perform, among other videos of the niche. The factors considered are the country you belong to, your target age groups, and so on.

Use the power of trend

If you wish to increase your impact on TikTok, you can do it by considering the new trends available on the market. The power of trend on TikTok also works like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can hashtags on all your videos because TikTok shows the most trending topics on its front page. More people click on the latest trends, and if your videos are among them, you have many chances of rising your followers. If a song is trending and the viewers love it, you can make your video with unique actions on that famous song and post it. This technique is very useful and attracts many people to become your followers.

Create your challenges on TikTok

An excellent example of using TikTok to create challenges and attract more people is Jennifer Lopez. Although we know she’s a world-famous singer, we can learn this trick from her. She encouraged her viewers to dance to her latest song and post the video with a hashtag jlo. You can use this method to draw many TikTok viewers, and then many of them can become your followers in a short time. Go ahead and give them a challenge.

Use many hashtags

Whenever it comes to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok, hashtags play a crucial role. These hashtags let people using such apps know that you are present here. When you use many hashtags on your TikTok videos, especially the popular and trending ones, viewers get to see your videos under that specific hashtag. You can even create your hashtags at some point, but initially, we suggest you use the already popular ones. Sometimes, people write their entire captions in hashtags. When you have many followers, you can think of creating a unique hashtag and using it in all your videos.

Post at peak times

One of the best TikTok tricks you should learn in 2021 is posting your videos at peak times. We know that social media sites like Instagram use an algorithm system to make some posts more visible than others on the feeds of users. For instance, if you post a TikTok video for youngsters around night, it can be a great time since they stay awake late until midnight and even after that. You need to focus on your target audience and know when they use social media (especially TikTok) the most. As you identify your peak time, start posting videos at that time for getting a large number of followers.

Cross-promotion of videos on other sites

You may be posting your videos on TikTok. But, you can make use of your accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote your TikTok content. Some people may be using those social media apps more actively than TikTok, in which case you should keep cross-promotion of TikTok videos in mind. When they find your content elsewhere, the link will redirect them to TikTok, and your video will get TikTok likes and followers.

Make content that you enjoy

When you plan to post videos on TikTok, it is evident that you think of posting trending kind of videos. But, those topics may not be of interest to you. Make TikTok videos on the subjects you enjoy. If educational videos are getting trended and you make them only to get fame, you will end up giving up on making videos after some time. If you want to be an ardent TikTok user and keep followers for a very long time, you may make funny videos if you like such content. Who knows, your interesting video on TikTok can become a new trending one!

Posting original content 

We know that on every social media platform, users want unique and new content. Make sure that you haven’t plagiarized the videos on TikTok. Drawing inspiration is another tale, but do not liken it to copying videos. There are disadvantages of not posting original content. Your account can be reported, and the viewers may get to know the video is elsewhere. Create your own TikToks and be original to gather more followers.

Be an innovative TikToker

When you post videos on TikTok, ensure that there is newness in all of them. You may stick to some themes but bring something new to your viewers. People get bored with the same kind of content and may unfollow you or stop being interested in your page. If you want more followers from your target group, make new and exciting videos to make sure your viewers stick around and don’t give up on your account.

Post consistently

It is the key for every social media site. Be it Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, we have noticed that as soon as you stop posting content for some time, your followers begin to drop. It happens because people are only interested in following pages that bring fresh videos after every specific time. You can choose your own gap, like posting twice every day, every second day, or three times a week. But if the lapse is more prolonged, your followers may withdraw. So, to have more TikTok followers, post new and exciting content consistently.

Buying TikTok followers

It isn’t a common way to raise followers, but one can buy TikTok followers from some genuine sites that sell them. You should know that it isn’t illegal to buy followers for TikTok. These can be bots or real people following you, depending on the package you choose and how much you are willing to pay. Although some people may prefer doing it manually, buying TikTok followers is an excellent option to increase followers quickly.


TikTok is a growing platform to promote videos. These can be in any niche of your interest. This article brought you some of the best tricks to have more followers for your TikTok account. You can use them and become a social media celebrity. People also earn through a huge fan following and become real-life stars.