How to get more followers on Instagram?

To put it mildly, Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms today. While as a statement, this seems normal, it’s only when you take a look at the statistics that you realize just how huge a presence Instagram has in our lives. Albeit the competition of likes and followers can turn toxic for the average person, the situation is completely different for someone looking forward to building a career through this platform. For social media influencers and brands in general, having an impressive presence on Instagram is no longer optional –if you’re not there, you’re missing out on significant traffic.

And having a powerful presence on this platform is not an easy task, especially considering others have already reached unimaginable heights. Many brands have garnered more attention than they previously ever imagined, thanks to their strategies for building their presence. Social media influencers, with their seemingly effortless handling of Instagram presence, use these strategies beautifully. What are these strategies? In brief, building your Instagram presence involves hard work, consistency, being updated on the algorithm, and using ways to personalize the experience. These are all points that deserve to be fully elaborated. However, there remains the controversial question of whether you should buy followers and likes.


Let us clear some common misconceptions about growing your insta presence.

Most sites would discourage you from buying likes and followers, and while their perspective is understandable, here is another view for you. Buying likes will only be worthless if it’s done without any effort. Indeed, buying likes and followers to turn your follower count into three times its former value is not going to fetch you anything. Buying likes and followers from trusted sites like, however, can serve you different functions. The most significant reason you should buy likes and followers is that people gravitate towards an account with a big followers count. For example, you come across a beautiful picture of art. When you see that it has fewer likes, you’ll chalk it up to a random one-time thing. On the other hand, if you see that it has many likes, you will instantly feel reaffirmed that this photo is worth admiring, and that sense of validation will compel you to check out the profile. If the account has a decent amount of following to begin with, you won’t mind hitting the follow button as well.

All these minor things happen at a subconscious level, and for the majority of people, the preferred option is to follow a profile with some followers. It establishes a sense of assurance that the creator or the influencer is delivering the content worth waiting for. To sum this up, when people see you have followers, they’ll follow you, giving other people a green signal to follow you as well. However, the biggest problem is that getting that initial high number of followers to start this chain is difficult with organic followers.

Buying likes and followers helps you here. But like all things that involve building a strategy for your influential presence, you need to be careful about contacting the right company. Both and are reliable sources to spend your money on this investment. Ensure that you buy likes and followers in a wise manner, which does not make it evident to others that you have taken such help. The best method to buy the right number is to check if the growth seems absurd and ends up harming more than doing good. If you have 3000 followers, paying and growing to a number of 50,000 overnight is unmistakably fishy. Do it drip by drip to seem more authentic.

The importance of organic followers

Buying likes and followers can be that one baby step that gets you out of bed on the bad day. You still need to rush to the office and do the main job, which is what getting organic followers is like. Whether you are an influencer or a brand, your work only begins after attracting more people –you need to work hard to keep them there. It is undoubtedly a difficult job if you are unaware of the basics.

Keep it clear

The purpose of attaching the least amount of confusion possible with your profile is to allow your followers to resonate with your work. Specify the details to provide your followers an open space to engage with you. Tell them what you and your brand are all about. Specifying the niche in a witty bio and adding an authentic website are giant steps towards credibility, and in the world of social media, credibility amounts to a lot. Your username should be easy to remember, or else you are likely to lose potential followers. Use relevant media –your pictures, captions, and emojis must be used in a way that adds to the overall picture. The crux is that your followers should know what you’re doing.

Exploring the competition

The healthy competition allows more than one person to enjoy the attention. Follow the brands that are successful in your niche and learn from their strategies. Engage with accounts that are doing better than you and effectively build a sense of camaraderie. Collaboration also goes a long way in increasing your followers and getting more traffic for your website. Do not grow comfortable after setting an account and buying some followers. You still require organic engagement on your posts if you want to get ahead. The 10K mark is a deal worth celebrating, and if you lie somewhere less than that, try to persuade them to give you a shout out. Always remember that in the world of influencers, you need to be aware of what influences them.

Feed aesthetic

Above everything else, Instagram is about what looks good. The algorithm favors those who understand and work according to this principle because so do the users. The first thing to do is post high-quality, attractive pictures. But everyone does that, and how do you give an edge to your feed? By designing the whole feed aesthetic. Choose a feed aesthetic that you can handle, but also remember that it should resonate with your niche. Choose colors, frames, or even simple photos in a way that builds an overall aesthetic informing your followers what kind of content you’re putting. The grid look should be neat and straightforward, but that does not mean your creativity should be restricted. Do not hesitate to add new ideas and personal touches to your aesthetic because that will connect you and your followers.

Choose a relevant strategy.

The internet is full of advice for growing big on this photo-centric platform. But what works out best for Priyanka Chopra will not be useful for you. Number one reason being that Priyanka Chopra already has a fan base to count on, whereas you do not. Somebody with a follow-following ratio similar to hers would benefit from learning her style of interaction.

However, a profile doing well in your niche with more than ten thousand followers will help you pick up on some of the more useful strategies for an account with your follow-following ratio. Engaging with other accounts in the most authentic way possible is a fantastic tactic for announcing your presence. The point you’re supposed to keep in mind is that simple four-worded comments like ‘this is a nice post’ can just as well be thrown in by a bot. On the other hand, you are blessed with the capacity of writing a compelling comment, which will further generate a chain of reciprocated engagement from the account.


When it comes to Instagram, community building is everything. This might seem daunting if you’re still in the initial stage of growth as an influencer. However, if you already have some ground to stand on, a great next step is to join engagement groups. These groups allow different accounts to find authentic engagement and get into healthy community dynamics for their specific niche. At this stage, you should also build a habit of scheduling posts and portraying a neater, consistent, and over-all better image of your brand. You can find various apps for scheduling your posts and sticking to your feed aesthetic. One more method of getting more organic reach is to invest in ads. Instagram ads allow you to reach more people invested in your niche, and finding potential followers means finding more significant traffic. Switch to a business account if you haven’t already, and use this tool to your benefit.


Instagram has a billion active users worldwide, ranking right behind Facebook in terms of making an impact. Using this platform has become an essential part of the growing presence of brands today. Whether it is the USA or India, users from different regions of the world have been taking advantage of it. Part of the charm of Prajakta Koli, the famous young Indian YouTuber, is that she makes the type of content her followers relate with. Her Instagram handle is @mostlysane –which immediately portrays a part of her quirkiness and humor. Similarly, other influencers like Komal Pandey deliver the kind of content that her fans like and relate with, helping her reach more people in her niche.