How to get a million followers on Instagram?

Instagram has become a primary platform for various businesses and brands’ social port, growing audience & conversions, building an engaged following list, and driving profitable traffic to pages.

Learn how to sharpen up your strategies if your Instagram presence isn’t quite as strong as you’re hoping for it, like getting organic and real followers on Instagram. You’ll get more opportunities as your audience grows, and for that, you have to create unique content and engage with users.


Sometimes brands take the way out while trying to get more Instagram followers, so the organic distinction is essential. The Instagram algorithm gets updated regularly to take out low-quality and paid accounts and interactions, as pay for followers and likes websites are everywhere; still, these shortcuts are never worth it. For an online business reaching one million followers is one of the most significant milestones to achieve. It comes with endless benefits like the more potential you have to influence your field; the more people start to pay attention to you. Having a large online following is an essential measure of success for businesses, not just influencers.

Your followers’ list will mean nothing if it doesn’t visit your landing pages, promotes your brands with friends and followers, and represents an engaged fan following that makes purchases. With these tips, you can start building your presence up and will win getting more Instagram followers.

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile:

The first users see your Instagram profile, and it is the first piece of real estate that a potential follower sees. How will people know without a bio, a proper username, or profile image that the account belongs to your brand? Your Instagram profile image and bio help form the foundations for the identity of your brand. Optimizing your Instagram account is essential as your bio’s link is the spot to drive Instagram traffic to your site.

It’s vital to optimize the profile to its maximum potential. There are four main components to an Instagram profile:

  1. Profile Photo
  2. Username
  3. Instagram Bio
  4. Website Url

Finally, choose your username friendly as possible, like as close to your brand’s business name. If your business or brand’s term is extended, reduce it to something, your customers or followers would recognize. Keep it in-line as much as possible with other social media handles you already have and don’t add special characters or numbers to your username.

2. Develop Your Instagram style:

Your Instagram posts should be top-notch, as it is a visual platform. If you want your followers’ attention, you have to become more creative with your content and editing skills. Posts capture attention when they’re unique, with beautiful captions and attractive filters.

Now, we get Instagram reels, so start creating engaging reels to attract more followers. Users tend to engage with reels and videos on Instagram, which will help you increase your followers.

The key to an attractive Instagram feed is the perspective of color and space.

Try to keep the color of your feed as uniform as possible. Stick to one filter. Editing your photos each time will make them flow better.

For a consistent flow, you need space. The main focus of the post being closer or far away. It would be best to balance zoom or wide images to make it look most appealing; think of space like zoom on a camera.

3. Showcase your Instagram everywhere:

Promotion is essential for the popularity of a brand. Make sure your Instagram page is listed with your other social networks and website. Creating awareness and visibility is one of the best techniques to get noticed. If you genuinely want to get more Instagram followers, let users know about your account. You could add various social media buttons to your blog and website to promote social pages across all your networks and let people find you on Instagram.

4. Appropriate captions:

While taking a picture, there’s always a story behind it, and it would be best if you share it with our followers. It’s like telling a visual story about your post in your captions. The location, the feeling, what is happening in the post, everything will make your followers engaged with you. Research about your clients and audience and learn their interests. Posts with appropriate captions attract users and will help you gain more followers.

5. Make a schedule and plan:

It would be best if you planned to post excellent content and every day. Creating a social media calendar will help you to become more consistent with Instagram. While planning out your content, leave scope for change. To combat this, adhere to a regular posting schedule. You don’t want to make your audience forget they followed you. Usually, to avoid spam, brands shouldn’t post more than a few times a day, but whatever your flow, keep that consistent. Approximately more than 100 million Instagram users log daily to determine your net even more expansive and try posting a few times during the day.

It’s smart enough to build content in advance and with various Instagram scheduling tools. You can reach your target audience & customers and, at the same time, can maintain a consistent flow of content.

6. Tag brands:

To build your Instagram following quickly, consider tagging popular brands and vendors in your posts. It expands the reach of your photo and also notifies the people you mentioned. And sometimes, the people you tagged in your posts will make them re-share your posts, which will lead to more credibility and exposure for your business.

7. Use hashtags and geotags:

It would be best if you had hashtags for support. Hashtags are the keywords users use on their posts. You certainly know about the trending hashtags on Twitter; yes, hashtags get trendy when used more often. Use modern, trend, and appropriate hashtags on your posts. Users will use these hashtags or keywords to search and find relevant accounts and photos to follow.

Also, a geotag is like a check-in on Facebook. You must set a location up as a custom location and tag it in each post if you have a place for your business. For your global business, mention the site where you took the photo or where that post belongs; it attracts customers. According to data facts, Instagram posts with a location will get a 50% higher engagement rate.

8. Use call to actions:

Ask questions with your followers, like about them or your content. Create conversations and a highly engaged audience. For this, users want to join in and feel like they are part of the conversation. By asking questions, you’ll get the response, and with that, you’ll know that you have actual legit followers.

If you want to increase a following, you have to get over that fear that no one will respond. At the end of every caption posting, a question will make people comment on their answers or engage them in a discussion. On Instagram, it’s easy to like a picture, just double-tap on that, and users prefer that more than posting a comment; you have to change their behavior. The higher response you will get, the easier the question.

9. Reply to comments:

As you gain more followers, it becomes tougher to reply to each comment. Comments that are empty such as “cool” or “nice,” don’t feel worth time to respond. However, those comments with full appreciation and beautiful writings are worth your time to respond. You still will notify the user that left the comment, forcing them to take a peek at your Instagram profile and feed, even if it was a bot that left the comment.

There isn’t a reason you can’t spend a few minutes from your time writing a thank you unless you have thousands of comments on each post. Be interactive and social. To keep the conversation going, respond to comments.

10. Post every day:

You have to engage your followers with your content. Consistency is essential and will drive you forward. If you want to stay relevant, you don’t have to post your content on Instagram every hour, but every day. You will immerse your followers’ feeds and bother them if you post too much. To see your optimism, track your engagement by posting days and at appropriate times.

Users want to know that you are reliable and that they can count on you for content. It keeps you connected with the audience and relevant. Many of us give up before we see results, but we promise you will gain momentum if you keep going.

You won’t grow your social media platform if you don’t act like your full-time job. If you don’t have a great Instagram strategy to follow, it can get messy and rumpled trying to grow your account.

Final Thoughts:

Instagram stays to grow in popularity with people, so taking advantage of these tips will help you. You have to post engaging content that’s made specifically for Instagram and content that’s the right fit for your audience’s wants to gain a massive following of real people on Instagram. Finding the right style and approach is vital because it will become how your followers recognize you.