How to eliminate manual labour with biometric attendance machine

It doesn’t make a difference if you run a corporation with an employee base of more than 100 or a small to medium-size enterprise with fewer employees. Recording attendance, work hours, and leaves is a manual process that takes time and is vulnerable to error if not properly taken care of. When you automate the process with a biometric attendance machine that requires minimal supervision, you can significantly reduce the routine workload and manual labour.

This leaves you and your employees free to focus on more critical things, knowing that time and attendance data are correctly registered.


Another benefit of a biometric attendance machine is facial recognition. Thanks to the face recognition device, which allows only those with authorization to enter an office premise. You get additional security with such devices during extraordinary times (like the current pandemic), where a surface can cause the Coronavirus to spread.

If you are still baffled, here are some ways how a biometric attendance machine is beneficial for your organization:

  • Fewer errors

An automated system reduces the probability of human error. An employee’s attendance details are automatically registered with face recognition technology. The need for access cards that can get misplaced or lost is also eliminated. When an employee’s biometrics are used in the system, you can also monitor that particular employee’s access areas. Since the data is updated to the system, it is still eligible for inspection if requests are made later.

  • Easy to access data

It is convenient to access recorded data and provide the organization with indisputable information about attendance, leave, etc., making salary processing easier. You don’t need someone to keep an eye on the work hours of employees. Neither do staff members have to waste time reviewing this data manually.

  • Easier to maintain employee discipline

Access is personal, based on each worker’s biometrics, which gives them a feeling of ownership. This increases the sense of belonging that is expressed in their productivity and of being respected. Plus, they no longer must wait before a door is opened for them or face the risk of losing access cards. A biometric attendance machine from reliable brands like KENT CamAttendance records attendance by scanning an employee’s face with their AI Computer Vision facial recognition technology.

  • Authorized Personnel Only

Thanks to a biometric attendance machine that uses face recognition technology, only authorized individuals will have easy access to your premises. Your office doors will remain locked to anyone not authorized until permission is given, making it ideal as an additional security barrier. Some advanced devices also have real person detection, which differentiates between a real person and a photograph. In this way, no fraud can be committed.

Whether you are a large business or a smaller one, it is always a bonus to minimize manual labour. It frees you and your workers to pay attention to other parts of the organization that might not be easy to automate. You will help the company grow and thrive in a competitive business environment by concentrating on areas that need a human touch. Hence, it would help if you chose a biometric attendance machine.

When you plan to buy one, always look for trusted brands like KENT that offer a next-generation device – KENT CamAttendance. It uses AI-based Computer Vision to capture and identify an employee’s face to mark their daily attendance. The best part? This biometric attendance machine can be easily integrated with your existing HRMS. It is a faster and reliable attendance machine that can also be controlled centrally from the cloud, and data from all CamAttednance devices are also accumulated in the cloud in real-time. So, order it right away or call in for a free demo!