How to buy 1 Million YouTube views?

YouTube is dramatically advanced with the times. While in the beginning we used to see funny videos and animals jumping around, now it’s a lot more than that. Today YouTube is also for marketers, influencers, promotors, and many more. It’s a dream for many creators to watch their video crossing that 1 million views mark. Every minute, hundreds of hours’ worth of content gets uploaded on YouTube, but only a handful of them surpass that 1 million mark. Those videos that reach 1 million people have made it possible due to their unique content and effective marketing strategy.

If strategized correctly, YouTube is an extremely powerful marketing tool that can boost your sales and business in very little time. But to make this happen, you have to gain a decent number of views. In this blog, you’ll see many ways to earn organic and genuine views and the benefits of buying 1 million views on YouTube, and how to do that.


Practical Ways to Gain Organic Followers

  1. Focus on Creating Compelling Content

No matter how many tricks or ads or strategies you’ve used, nothing of them works if your video is not compelling. So now the question arises, how to make a video that catches everyone’s attention? The answer is quite simple, give them what they want. If you’re a brand promoter or you’ve just launched your new product, you can make a “How to use it” video. In that video, you can show how to use your product effectively and why it’s better than its competitive products in the market.

If you’re an influencer, you can make videos on subjects like – How to get more views on YouTube? How to set your posting schedule? How can you become an Influencer etc.? So the trick is to provide your audience with what they need and something that can solve their problem.

  1. Don’t Forget To Encourage Your Audience to Subscribe Your Channel 

It’s a saying that “your best new customers are the old ones.” It means retaining your viewers and subscribers is a crucial task to boost your growth. So, the easiest way to get more views on your video is to encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can ask them in the beginning and in the end to subscribe to your channel before leaving. Make sure you also ask them to turn on the notification bell, or they won’t know when your next video is uploaded.

  1. It’s Crucial to Engage with Followers Actively

YouTube considers videos with more engagement while ranking them in the search results, and when you engage with your followers, you open doors for more views to flood in. When you engage with followers, they feel a connection with you and watch more of your videos. Also, audience engagement drives more traffic.

  1. Another Tip is to Create a Playlist

Why is it recommended to create a playlist, and why do they work well? The answer is the autoplay. When your viewers watch your video, and as soon as it ends, another video of your playlist plays automatically, it becomes very hard for them to pull away their attention. This way, they end up watching more of your videos. By creating a playlist, you can change the options for them from “Do you want to click to watch the next video?” to “Do you want to click to stop watching the next video?” In most cases, if your content is good, people will keep watching it.

  1. Promote Your Video on Other Social Media Platforms

If you have a significant number of active followers on other social media channels, let them know each time you upload a new video on YouTube. The best way to let them know is to shoot a small teaser video and post it on your social media page and ask your followers to watch the full video on YouTube. Don’t restrict yourself to just social media channels; you can also link your video to your blogs or website. To make your YouTube videos popular, cross-promoting them on the various channels is vital.

  1. Optimize Your Video Titles 

Search Engine Optimization matters a lot not only on YouTube but every other search engine. If you want your videos to reach maximum viewers, it should be highly ranked on SEO. To make this happen, make sure you use keywords in your title and description very wisely. Keywords play a huge role in ranking your content at the top.

So these were the practical tips using which you can grow your views organically. But if you want an instant boost or you want yourself to get established in the market, you can consider buying YouTube views. As this blog’s title suggests, let’s see the benefits of buying 1 million views and whether it’s safe.

  • You Get Instant Results – That’s pretty obvious. When you buy from a trusted source, you can get the delivery as fast as 24 hours.
  • It creates Social Proof – More views on your video indicate you have the right image with your audience. Viewers prefer a video with more views over any video with fewer views. That’s because they think the former video is better than the latter.
  • It gives you the required boost – If you are new to the market and you need a boost, buying views is one of the most effective strategies you can follow. It will save you time and effort, and once you’re established, you can move forward with your strategy.
  • It improves your Search Engine Rankings – You get established on Youtube when your video rank at the top of the search results. YouTube uses an algorithm to rank all the videos, and it highly favors the videos with more views, likes, comments, etc. In short, if your video has more engagement, it will be ranked on the top.
  • You can promote your brand – When more people watch your video, they get to know about the product you’ve launched, and as many people know about your product, the better it is for your growth.
  • You Get More Likes – When more people watch your video, there are chances that they like the content and even like your video. This way, you’ll get more likes on videos.
  • Buy Youtube Views- Genuine sites like and provide high quality youtube views, you can buy in small pockets to increase your view count.
  • Your video can go Viral – In order to make your video go viral, you have to do a lot of marketing to promote your video, and this can cost you a lot of money. A more affordable and effective option is to buy 1 million YouTube views, which increases the chances of your video getting viral.
  • It gives you exposure – Buying views can give you exposure. When people see you have 1 million views on your video, they get curious about what you have in your video and what your product is all about. So, this will give you more potential customers. If your product and video are really nice, many customers can even buy them.

The Process of Buying 1 Million YouTube Views?

While buying such a huge number, you ought to be more careful. Make sure you buy from a tried and tested company that is reputable in its field. Promises such as “you can reach 1 million views overnight” should immediately raise a red flag in your mind. Either these services will not provide the delivery on time, or they will not give you real views. Some websites use bots to generate views very soon, and this can be harmful to your channel.

What will benefit you is high retention views from actual humans. So, in simple words, you need actual people to watch your video. A good turn around period for getting 1 million views is at least 6 months. This time period is mandatory if you want higher viewer retention. Viewer retention is when a person is interested in your video and is actually watching it. You don’t need people to just click on your video and click away; this adversely impacts your search engine ranking. However, every site will claim they sell high retention views whether they do it or not, so make sure you run a background check.

When you choose a reputable and trusted service, you can also buy other marketing tools such as YouTube likes, comments, and subscribers. These additional tools will help you gain more organic views, comments, and likes. It’s even recommended to buy comments and likes with views because if you have 1 million views but only a few likes, it could raise a doubt in people that you may have bought views.

The Bottom Line

In today’s competitive world of social media, where everyone’s competing for the viewer’s attention, you have to be a little strategic. While organic views, likes, and followers will make your channel more successful, buying views can give you the required boost you need. The key is to find a trusted source and manage your purchase in such a way that it benefits you the most.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned story is for information purpose only and the viewers are requested to look forward accordingly as Business Upturn does not take any responsibility of the losses that may occur in further activities of traders and/or buyers.