From LaserShip to OnTrac: Unveiling the evolution of a delivery giant

Delivery giants are constantly on the move, adapting and expanding to meet the demands of a growing e-commerce market. One such transformation that caught the attention of industry insiders and consumers alike is the journey of LaserShip, a last-mile delivery company, to become OnTrac. Let’s dive into the fascinating evolution of this delivery powerhouse, which has not only changed its name but also expanded its reach and services such as the lasership tracking service.

The origins of LaserShip


LaserShip, originally founded in 1986, began its journey as a document delivery service. But it wasn’t until the late ’90s, during the dot-com boom, that LaserShip ventured into the small parcel delivery business. In 1999, a significant partnership with Barnes & Noble propelled LaserShip into the limelight by providing same-day shipping services in New York City, setting the stage for its expansion.

Fast forward to March 2014, LaserShip decided to add four states to its service area: New Hampshire, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Delaware. This expansion increased LaserShip’s footprint by an impressive 44%, reaching an additional 8.5 million consumers. Additionally, in the same month, LaserShip acquired Prestige Delivery Systems, a Cleveland-based last-mile delivery company, thereby further expanding its services to Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana. By 2016, LaserShip boasted 63 distribution centers and four sorting centers that serviced 22 states and Washington, D.C. It was during this time that LaserShip secured a significant deal with Amazon to handle deliveries for their Same Day Service.

As LaserShip continued to grow, it achieved recognition in April 2019 when it was awarded the International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) Carrier Certification. This recognition underlined its commitment to security and quality in its services.

The Transition to OnTrac

In early 2018, LaserShip underwent a significant change when it was purchased by the private equity firm Greenbriar Equity Group. However, the most remarkable transition occurred in 2021 when LaserShip made a strategic move to acquire OnTrac Logistics, Inc., a west coast delivery service, in a deal valued at $1.3 billion. This acquisition marked a pivotal moment in the company’s history as it not only extended its reach but also led to a rebranding.

With the merging of LaserShip and OnTrac’s delivery networks, the birth of OnTrac, as we know it today, took place. The company took on a new name, signaling its transformation into a transcontinental delivery giant. This rebranding aligned with OnTrac’s vision of offering coast-to-coast delivery solutions, challenging the dominion of delivery giants like UPS and FedEx.

The acquisition propelled OnTrac’s expansion, adding 979 new zip codes to its delivery coverage, marking an 18% increase. By 2022, OnTrac had extended its service area to cover 80% of the U.S. population across 31 states and Washington D.C. This transformation was a massive step forward in becoming a national last-mile delivery company.

The impact of OnTrac’s evolution

OnTrac’s evolution is not just a change of name, but a significant shift in its capabilities and reach. The merging of LaserShip and OnTrac’s networks has positioned the company as a strong contender in the national delivery landscape, coming closer to offering a coast-to-coast solution previously dominated by the likes of UPS and FedEx. The move has allowed OnTrac to offer highly competitive delivery services across a more extensive coverage area.

This evolution also underscores the ever-increasing importance of last-mile delivery specialists in the logistics industry, particularly in the context of a growing e-commerce market. With consumers demanding quicker and more reliable delivery services, companies like OnTrac are stepping up to fill the gap, enhancing their capabilities and expanding their networks to meet these demands.

In conclusion

The journey of LaserShip’s evolution into OnTrac is a compelling case study in the logistics industry’s ever-changing landscape. From its origins as a document delivery service to becoming a significant player in last-mile delivery, this company’s transformation is a testament to the adaptability and innovation required in the face of the growing e-commerce market.

The change in name, coupled with its expanded coverage and services, signifies OnTrac’s commitment to becoming a national delivery giant, offering customers a coast-to-coast solution. It serves as a prime example of how companies in the logistics industry continue to evolve and adapt to meet the evolving demands of modern consumers, including live-time tracking, that was previously made available for LaserShip, using Ordertracker’s AI solution. Even though there are no official announcements, it is still possible to track OnTrack parcels through the website, but also from the dedicated Lasership tracking page on Ordertracker.

As the logistics industry keeps shifting, OnTrac’s journey from LaserShip is a testament to the power of innovation and adaptation, demonstrating that even giants in the field must constantly evolve to remain competitive and meet the ever-growing needs of consumers.