5 ways to kickstart your e-commerce business with antidetection software

When scaling your business, multiaccounting can be one of the easiest ways to achieve success. It involves creating and managing multiple accounts on various platforms or websites. This practice is commonly used in ecommerce and digital marketing to increase sales, manage reputation, and mitigate risks. By having multiple accounts, businesses can reach a wider audience, test hypotheses, and expand into new markets.

Let’s discuss the five most crucial opportunities and then move on to the digital tools designed for multi-accounting.


Opportunity #1: Increasing presence in online stores.

Generating revenue from a single product, showcase, shop, or brand can be challenging. However, you have the option to create multiple independent storefronts on any popular marketplace of your choice: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. This will allow you to initiate new sales, validate hypotheses, and expand the reach and visibility of your brand. Such a tactic allows you to test different marketing approaches in parallel without starting new campaigns and losing time for long-term experiments.

Multiple virtual shops operate similarly to “Ghost kitchens“. These online stores have different visual concepts, pricing, marketing strategies, and more. Customers can choose their preferred options, but ultimately, all the money goes to the “Ghost Shop” owner – to you.

Creating individual showcases in different product niches is an effective way to boost sales on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other marketplaces. The more showcases you have, the greater the chance customers will choose one of your stores.

Opportunity #2: Extending the Marketing Research.

Sales across product categories on Shopify. According to Statista.

Imagine how helpful it could be to see the online world through the eyes of your perfect customer. It is not rocket science to do so. When advertising platforms choose ads to display to a specific audience, they take into account various criteria such as device type and computer operating system. It can be helpful to view your potential customers’ ads from their perspective to understand the ads they see better. You can create a unique digital identity for each category of your customers, simulate their online behavior by collecting cookies, and observe the ads they encounter.

A cookie robot is a tool that guides your digital identity through websites, collecting cookies along the way to give advertising platforms the impression that your digital persona is interested in specific content. Additionally, you can use a proxy to spoof your IP, so sites will see the geolocation of your imaginary user. That’s how you can start gathering insights from new markets without spending much on in-depth research.

Opportunity #3: Expanding worldwide.

Global dropshipping market size, with forecast to 2026. According to Statista.

Working with new markets in a global world can be challenging. It is essential to understand people living in different parts of the world clearly, which can be particularly difficult when managing social media or advertising. Not only do you need to translate advertising and make it relevant to the local audience, but you also need to ensure proper publication to maximize visibility. This is especially important when working with platforms like TikTok, which has geolocation-based recommendations. It is common among big companies to have separate social media accounts for different regions so that people of different cultures can receive the most appropriate content.

Opportunity #4: Managing Reputation

Many customers rely on product reviews to help them decide what to buy. Multiaccounting can be a useful tool for boosting sales and managing your reputation. If you have reviews on marketplaces, it can increase the number of your customers. According to a study, 84% of website visitors trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. With multiaccounting, you can support your storefronts with comments. Creating numerous reputation management accounts and posting live reviews that appear to be from real users is possible. However, being cautious when engaging in such controversial practices is crucial. Remember that success is not only about outperforming your competitors but also about satisfying your customers.

Opportunity #5: Advancing Data Collection and Automation

If you have the budget for a developer on your team, it is strongly advised to hire one. The potential benefits of web automation are extensive, as it allows you to automate day-to-day tasks and effectively resolve problems. One of the key advantages is the ability to collect and analyze data from your competitors’ websites. This automation can provide valuable insights for your business regarding pricing strategy, new products to sell, discounting, and more.

How to seize opportunities? The Antidetection Software Toolkit

Websites use a browser fingerprint to identify visitors. If you have multiple accounts on eBay or Amazon and use them simultaneously, you may face unexpected bans. The website’s security algorithms can detect when multiple accounts are created by the same user, flagging them as suspicious and restricting access.

To avoid being blocked, you can use an antidetect browser. An antidetect browser is a web-browsing application that utilizes data spoofing technologies to protect the privacy of internet users. Websites such as Facebook, Google, Ebay, Amazon, and others identify their visitors based on various parameters that are not directly associated with a person’s identity. These parameters may include device data, browser, operating system, screen resolution, fonts, and connection. When combined, they create a unique digital fingerprint.

Antidetect browsers, along with proxy services, allow users to change their digital fingerprints and create multiple accounts on different platforms. Proxies change the IP address, while antidetect browsers change the digital fingerprint. This technology is often used to manage multiple social media or advertising accounts. It helps increase sales, improve reputation management, and mitigate risks.

Antidetect browsers are necessary because many advertising networks and e-commerce platforms try to prevent creating multiple accounts from a single device. Therefore, if you need to manage multiple accounts on Facebook or Google Ads, you will need an antidetect browser.

How to choose appropriate antidetect software?

The basic antidetection kit consists of an antidetection browser and a high-quality proxy that can spoof the IP address. Although numerous free products are available, it is advisable to utilize professional tools with a large user community and regularly updated software versions to minimize the potential risks to your business accounts.

Consider the following when selecting a proxy:

  • Even the biggest proxy providers can sometimes have problems. However, if you frequently see reviews that say “the geolocation of the proxy is different from the geolocation shown in the IP checker,” the service is unreliable. You should only choose such proxies if you take additional precautions at your own risk. In such cases, there is a high probability that your accounts may be blocked.
  • IP Address Availability. If there are many IP addresses available, it means that the service has its own servers and reliable suppliers that are trusted.
  • It is insecure to use free proxies, as you found them on a message board and others likely did too. There could be 20 other users accessing the same proxies as you at the same time.

In the realm of antidetect browsers, quality is crucial. Octo Browser is a reliable antidetect browser that can manage your accounts, eliminate obstacles to opening and promoting new shops on marketplaces, safeguard your reputation, and establish the necessary foundation for growth.