Vistara becomes India’s first airline to provide in-flight Wi-Fi and streaming facility

A joint venture of Tata Group and Singapore Airlines, Vistara is all set to become India’s first airline to give in-flight Wi-Fi and streaming services on its brand new Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliners.

This will be the first time such a service will be introduced in the country, therefore, Vistara is predicted to give a great competition to all other airlines in India.

The initiative will be partnered by Tata Group’s NELCO and Panasonic Avionics Corporation. The companies will provide the flight broadband services in India and satellite connectivity services to customers flying over Indian space.

The people in the plane will be able to access social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and messaging services like Whatsapp, and also live-stream matches.

Vinod Kannan, Vistara Chief Strategy Officer shared in a statement that the pricing of the services will be decided in the coming weeks.