MYBYK expands 30 bicycle hubs in Ahmedabad with a fixed monthly subscription

MYBYK, an Ahmedabad based company providing sustainable mobility solutions, is now looking to expand aggressively in the entire city of Ahmedabad. It applied for and received permits under the ‘Amdabike’ project of Smart City Ahmedabad Development Limited (SCADL) to provide its fully automated IoT enabled dockless bicycle sharing service.

The company has already set up a network of 30 HUBS connecting to the BRTS in Ahmedabad where users can DROP the bike at the boarding station and similarly PICK up another bike from the station where they alight to go to their destination.  For this, the company has already deployed a fleet of 500 cycles and another 500 cycles are on their way. Over the coming months, MYBYK plans to connect to all the remaining BRTS and AMTS stations as well as the upcoming Metro (in future).

“It is a perfect partnership where SCADL will invest in providing space and creating common parking infrastructure while operators like us will invest in bicycles, technology, and operations. We are not seeking any subsidy from the government and will have the necessary operational freedom which is essential to make PBS a success”says CA Arjit Soni, Founder of MYBYK.

Users can operate bicycles from their home, just like their personal cycles for daily chores or health or leisure. Here are the hubs which went live on 26th January 2020: 

Route: Chandranagar BRTS to RTO

1. Chandranagar BRTS

2. Anjali Char Rasta BRTS

3. Dharnidhar BRTS

4. Manekbaug BRTS

5. Nehrunagar BRTS

6. Jhansi Ki Rani BRTS

7. Shivranjani BRTS

8. Himmatlal Park BRTS

9. Andhjan Mandal BRTS

10. Memnagar BRTS

11. Sola Cross Road BRTS

12. Shastrinagar BRTS

13. Pragatinagar BRTS

14. Akhbar Nagar BRTS

15. Bhavsar Hostel BRTS

16. Ranip BRTS


Route: Iskon to Shivranjani

18. Iskon Cross Roads BRTS

19. Ramdevnagar BRTS


21. Star Bazaar BRTS

22. Jodhpur Char Rasta BRTS

Route: Nehrunagar to MJ Library

23. L Colony BRTS

24. Panjrapole BRTS

25. Gulbai Tekra BRTS

26. LD Engineering BRTS

27. Commerce Six Roads BRTS

28. Vasundhara Society BRTS

29. Law Garden BRTS

30. MJ Library BRTS

How MYBYK works?

1. REGISTER AND BRING MYBYK HOME. It’s a fixed monthly subscription that offers unlimited use though hourly, weekly and long term plans will also be available to cater to varying needs of users.


2. FOR SHORT COMMUTES,  MYBYK works just like one’s personal bicycle and you can use it to cycle your way to daily chores by unlocking the bike at your home.


3. FOR LONG COMMUTES, MYBYK seamlessly connects to public transport. Users can cycle from their Home to the nearest public transport and DROP the bike there. Similarly, they can pick up another bike from the station where they alight to cycle their way to the destination.