Arvind closes ₹100 million deal to produce N95 masks with ACT Grants

 Arvind Limited, one of India’s largest textile-to-retail conglomerate and ACT Grants have partnered to produce 30 million N95 masks in the next 12 months.

Arvind Limited has received 100 million from ACT Grants, the non-profit coalition of VC funds and start-up founders, and will employ its manufacturing expertise on Medical Products and Working Capital to create a large, integrated facility for N95 mask production and distribution.



The N95 masks will be available through Arvind Advanced Material Distribution partners, direct sales channels to Government, hospitals, and other corporates.

Punit Lalbhai, Executive Director, Arvind Limited, said, “Arvind has been manufacturing PPEs for various industries for over a decade and we believe we can use this expertise to produce N95 masks.”

Lalbhai added, “A detailed Quality Management System including product and process has been implemented, to ensure quality and consistent manufacturing. ACT upfront supported Arvind in setting up this project in record time and Arvind appreciates having a like minded partner in this journey.”

Apurv Bansal, Spokesperson from ACT Grants said, “ACT and its partners have already provided over 3 lakh PPE and over 15 lakh masks to hospitals, police and frontline workers across 20 states of India. This partnership with Arvind will allow us to make 10x the impact in protecting our front-lines and provide high quality, locally manufactured BIS certified N95 masks in India. ACT will work with partner NGOs & Foundations to make these N95 masks available free of cost.”