Airtel acquires additional 23% stake in Indus Tower via subsidiary Nettle Infra

Airtel expanded its investment in Indus Tower by acquiring another 23.01%, bringing its total ownership to 47.95%.

Bharti Airtel has increased its direct ownership in Indus Towers, which is held by its wholly-owned subsidiary Nettle Infrastructure. In other news, Airtel has said that its high-tech 5G services are coming to Itanagar.

Airtel bought another 23.01% of Indus Tower, bringing its total ownership of the company to 47.95%.


According to the PTI report, Bharti Airtel has bought Nettle’s 23.01% interest in Indus Towers, giving the company a direct ownership stake of 47.95%.

Previously, Airtel possessed 24.94% of Indus Tower via the referenced subsidiary.

In addition, Airtel revealed in a regulatory filing on Saturday that its 5G Plus services would be made available to users in phases as the business continues to build its network and finish the deployment. Customers with 5G-enabled handsets will get free access to the Airtel 5G Plus network until the rollout is more widespread. H-sector, Chandan Nagar, Sanki Park, Dony Polo Vidya Bhawan, BB Plaza, P-sector, Zero Point, Jully Basti, Bank Tiniali, Gohpur Tiniali, and the Secretariat in Itanagar are now active. Airtel will expand its network, eventually making its services available throughout the city.

Airtel’s 5G Plus service is anticipated to complement the company’s entire array of offerings. It will also enable ultrafast access to high-definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, immediate photo uploading, and other features. With this launch, Airtel 5G Plus will change education, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, mobility, and logistics in India.

According to the filing, Airtel has proven the power of 5G with a slew of strong use cases that will revolutionise the way people live and conduct business in the past year.

On the BSE, Airtel shares finished Friday at Rs. 793.05, up 2%. Indus Towers shares closed at Rs. 143.35 per share, slightly higher on the market.