4 arrested in Vivo Mobiles Case

Latest developments in the Vivo Mobiles case now include four individuals who have been arrested.

In a significant development in the ongoing investigation into the Vivo Mobiles case, four individuals have been arrested. The arrested individuals include a Chinese national and prominent figures from the Indian mobile and financial sectors.

The Arrestees

The four individuals arrested are:

  1. Guangwen Kyang, also known as Andrew Kuang, a Chinese national. The role of foreign nationals in this case has added an international dimension to the investigation.
  2. Hari Om Rai, the Managing Director of Lava International. Rai’s involvement has sent shockwaves through the Indian mobile industry.
  3. Nitin Garg, a Chartered Accountant (CA). Garg’s arrest raises questions about the financial aspects of the case.
  4. Rajan Malik. Details about Malik’s involvement are yet to be disclosed.

The arrests mark a significant step forward in the Vivo Mobiles case, which has been under investigation for some time now. The involvement of such high-profile figures has brought this case into the limelight, raising several questions about corporate governance and accountability.