Within one week, Shanghai Hi- Dolphin COFE+ completed its Series A second round of financing

Shanghai, June 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dubbed as the “world’s first light store,” Shanghai Hi-Dolphin COFE+ robot coffee once again officially announced that its Series A second round of financing has been completed, with this round of financing led by an undisclosed prominent family fund. Just days after the success of the first round of Series A financing, Shanghai Helium Dolphin Robot Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved the completion of the second round of financing with extremely high efficiency. This marks the fastest record in the industry of completing two rounds of financing within one week for Series A since Hi-Dolphin Company completed two rounds of pre-A financing in August 2021 within a week.

Against the backdrop of the overall economic recovery still underway in China, Hi-Dolphin Technology’s achievement of completing two rounds of financing within just one week undoubtedly stands as a major focus in the industry. This not only showcases investors’ optimism regarding the company’s future development prospects but also reflects a high level of recognition for its innovative products and disruptive model.


As one of the very few companies globally capable of independently developing coffee robots, since its establishment in 2017, Hi-Dolphin Technology has gradually become a leading enterprise in the fields of artificial intelligence and Internet Plus in Shanghai, as well as a postdoctoral research workstation. National leaders and major leaders of Shanghai have successively visited for inspections, and the company has been invited multiple times by various levels of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference to showcase new economies on-site. Its flagship products, including COFE+ fully intelligent, multi-category, robot-grinding coffee kiosks, robot-grinding coffee bars, robot-grinding coffee counters, and street corner robot-grinding coffee shops, cover a wide range of scenarios with a series of disruptive innovative products. It has also collaborated with Fortune Global 500 companies such as Amazon, Schneider Electric, and SAP, as well as with China’s Fortune 500 companies such as Sinopec, iFlytek, and Bank of Communications, and Shanghai’s top 500 enterprises such as Oriental International, Donghao Lansheng, and Bailian Group. Its sales network spans 15 provinces and cities in China, and it is also the first Chinese company to export coffee robots to developed countries in North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Gulf region, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong, as well as industrialized countries such as Russia, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Malaysia, and developing countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, and Mongolia. This showcases its global product influence and market disruption. Both domestic and foreign mainstream media, including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, and Wall Street Journal, have reported on it several times.

The team members of Hi-Dolphin Technology are all graduates from prestigious international universities such as Fudan University, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), with rich work experience in well-known enterprises such as KUKA, Huawei, Sany Heavy Industry, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They possess profound professional backgrounds in the internet, artificial intelligence, and chain service industries, and are one of the earliest research and development teams globally to delve into coffee robots and related service robots, demonstrating strong technical prowess. COFE+ holds more than 70 domestic and international patents, and its products have repeatedly won innovation awards in the United States, Europe, and China. Currently, it has been iteratively upgraded to the most advanced 5th generation globally.

The 5th generation COFE+ fully intelligent robot coffee kiosk has achieved multiple firsts in China and leads the world in technology:

– In the global coffee robot industry, COFE+ holds the most authorized patents worldwide, securing its position as the global leader.

– It is the only coffee robot globally that has been tested in no less than 50 types of actual scenarios around the world and has undergone continuous real-world testing for five years, becoming the world’s most advanced coffee robot with continuous iterations and upgrades to the 5th generation.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to win innovation awards in developed economies such as the United States, Europe, and China.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to win awards for environmental protection and energy conservation technologies, boasting features such as all-day energy-saving mode.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to receive global quality certifications such as FCC, FDA, CE, UK, and UN certifications.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to be granted a “24-hour unattended” food business license, replacing human labor with robots.

– It is the only coffee robot in China to utilize over 10 food safety technologies, including advanced technologies for rodent, fly, mosquito, cockroach, and ant control.

– It is the first coffee robot in China whose components are all food-grade certified, meeting strict hygiene and safety standards in China, the EU, and the US.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to replicate the taste of human coffee champions and rival the quality of renowned coffee shops worldwide.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to achieve 100% freshly ground beans, use fresh milk, make fresh ice, and sprinkle powder for every cup.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to continuously meet hygiene standards for ingredients within 168 hours per week.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to monitor the hygiene of fresh milk continuously for 72 hours during coffee production.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to produce coffee at four different temperatures: iced, cold, hot, and warm, with both cold and hot milk foam varieties.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to automatically seal cups after making coffee.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to accommodate both paper and plastic cups, with cup sizes of 12/16 ounces, and options for paper or plastic lids.

– It is the first coffee robot in China compatible with various ingredients and combinations, featuring dual beans, dual milk, and 16 auxiliary ingredients, allowing for personalized customization of flavors.

– It is the only coffee robot that can produce a variety of beverages including coffee, milk tea, matcha, chocolate drinks, and milk-based beverages, with over 50 flavors available in hot, cold, or iced varieties.

– It is the only coffee robot in China that can customize beverages according to customer preferences and create new combinations on-site.

– It is the only coffee robot in China that introduces new products weekly, allowing customers to enjoy novelty continuously.

– It supports intelligent silent operation, smart start, and energy-saving modes.

– It is the first and only coffee robot with a “store smart brain” command center, featuring real-time information, intelligent human-machine interaction, virtual service voice, and mobile management capabilities.

– It is the first coffee robot to utilize CNC full intelligent precise milk frothing technology, capable of producing milk foam at different temperatures.

– COFE+ is the first coffee robot to implement intelligent algorithms, multiple parallel cup making, continuous production of up to five cups, reservation of up to 10 cups, staggered order consolidation, and simultaneous online and offline production.

– It is the first coffee robot to simulate waiter greetings, menu guidance, production process prompts, production and cup retrieval reminders, with adjustable volume, tone, and customizable announcer styles, and content that can be changed according to environment.

– It is the only outdoor coffee robot, capable of withstanding rain, high temperatures, typhoons, dust, and pests, with outdoor operational testing for no less than five years.

– It is the only coffee robot available in multiple languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Arabic, Russian, Thai, and Mongolian, and supports online and offline digital currency payments, facilitating global payments in multiple currencies.

– It has successfully served at provincial and ministerial-level government departments, bureaus, top state-owned enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies.

– It has pioneered the concept of the world’s first “light store,” significantly reducing operating costs to 90%, allowing for continuous production of 300 cups of fresh drinks with one refill, requiring only 15-30 minutes of cleaning and refilling per day, and one employee can manage up to 10 machines simultaneously

– It has created a new business model: convenient mobility and easy relocation, following peak demand and seasonal trends without low periods. With almost zero site selection risk, zero store closure costs, and zero investment losses, it has eliminated losses for coffee shops.

– It has introduced a new format: zero manpower, zero training, zero decoration, and zero downtime. COFE+ provides a one-stop solution with hardware and software, management systems, cash settlement systems, network communication systems, and monitoring systems. It is operational upon installation, open 24/7, demonstrating outstanding operational efficiency, and can be easily opened by newcomers, offering professional-grade coffee shops that can be opened effortlessly.

– It is the first coffee robot in China to completely revolutionize traditional vending machines, utilizing robots and employing artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, internet technologies, and automation technologies comprehensively. It achieves visualized beverage production, fresh grinding, fresh ice making, and is the first to apply CNC full intelligent bean grinding and precise milk frothing technology, surpassing human professional baristas in taste.

– COFE+ is recognized by the industry as the coffee robot with the most extensive deployment globally, the highest market share, the longest operating time, the longest food hygiene and stability testing, the most reliable product quality, the most diverse scene verification types, the most successful real-world testing, the most comprehensive series of innovative products, and the most complete experience curve and process parameters.

COFE+ robot coffee is surpassing the limits of traditional coffee shops, becoming an innovation benchmark in the new economy era and a leader in future business models. With robots serving humans 24/7 and working for humans for free, the dream of everyone enjoying high-quality products at the lowest price is becoming a reality. This cup from COFE+ marks the milestone of robots serving humans and opens a new era of artificial intelligence revolutionizing industries worldwide.

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