UnlistedKart Makes Risk Undertaking a Rewarding Experience for Investors

BENGALURU, India, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — UnlistedKart has emerged as a frontrunner in the unlisted stocks space by playing an active role of helping stock investors bag lucrative returns. By bringing the power and exposure of private equity giants or venture capitalists to the common investors, UnlistedKart is transforming investor portfolios to the scale 100+ crores (FY21). They are doing this with multiple value-creating deliverables such as personalized investment consulting, deal facilitation & completion, growing valuations reports, featured shares, and access to secondary funds.


One of the major issues that has plagued the unlisted space is the presence of certain risk factors that are typically absent from the listed stock market. UnlistedKart has handled such risks related to credit, market, liquidity, and valuation with care. For example, their wealth consultants come with years of niche experience and the practical know-how of how to take on credit risk. With hands-on knowledge about contract notes, deal turns, etc., investors can actively avoid numerous risks that can otherwise degrade their portfolios.

Unlisted stocks have been one of the major growth winners even before the pandemic hit, with many of them doubling investors’ money in 2019, as reported by Economic Times. And fueled by the pandemic-induced IPO frenzy in 2020 and 2021, the trend only mustered further momentum. A shred of the newfound enthusiasm among investors for unlisted stocks is evident in the fact that NSE unlisted stocks increased by 80% in 6 months.

Unlisted stocks are not listed on any major stock exchanges such as BSE and NSE. Often, these companies are startups with very high growth potential due to initial capital raised from friends and family, angel investors, venture capitalists or even crowdfunding sites. Investors in this space weigh high risk but have also been known to enjoy high returns on their investments.

Although the unlisted space is perfect for investors who have a long-term horizon for investment, it also comes with certain risks and the associated rewards if you can navigate through the risks smartly. Tanmay Vishwanath – Head Product development, Unlistedkart, shares a few risks below.

1. Credit Risk

Contrary to the stock market, any transaction in the unlisted space begins with an upfront transfer of funds. This is in accordance with the existing regulation. The transfer of shares then ensues and usually takes24 to 72 hours. Hence, this gives rise to systemic credit risk for investors, especially when considering that multiple intermediaries exist in the market.

An investor in the unlisted space is always at risk of losing capital and the time value of money. An order may not execute timely due to various reasons such as price manipulation, information asymmetry, etc.

Solution: It is always essential to deal with a trusted company or a wealth advisor who knows how to take on credit risk. Investors must have all related documents, such as contract notes/deal terms, prepared before agreeing to this transaction to avoid any hassle. UnlistedKart actively takes on this role so that their customers are always free of this concern. They ensure that their customer’s interests are always protected, and that they receive their paid-for shares on time.

2. Market Risk

There is always a chance that the price of the unlisted shares changes before the shares change hands. For instance, today’s commitment between a seller and buyer might not be honored tomorrow if the share price increases or decreases overnight. This can result in severe opportunity costs for the investor.

Solution: Carrying out periodic price mentions to stay well-versed with the market dynamics is always a good idea, especially when investors are in it for the long term. This helps them to be well prepared. Price discovery should always be a continuous process. Naturally, this calls for a trusted and experienced partner who can do the necessary footwork for you while also preparing vital bidding documents such as purchase agreements, contracts notes, etc.

UnlistedKart ticks all the boxes here by not depending on the seller to execute their transactions. Instead, they have contract notes/SPA that binds both parties regardless of the volatility in price and can be executed at any time, even after delivery has been completed! This eliminates the market risk and gives investors a sense of assurance.

3. Liquidity Risk

Liquidity was severely constrained in the traditional unlisted space due to underlying assets’ illiquidity. This was because investors were often unable to find a counterparty to trade with easily and quickly, unlike in the listed space. Hence, a decade back, investors in the space faced critical dilemmas regarding the liquidation of their holdings.

But things have changed today, and this risk is no longer viable. With over 25 brokers in the country and retail investors now aware of the opportunities to invest in the unlisted space, there is no longer a shortage of demand or liquidity constraints.

Solution: To further combat liquidity issues, it is always advised that investors do their due diligence before investing in unlisted stocks. They must check the company’s track record, assess their business model, and weigh them against appropriate benchmarks. If this assessment goes well, they should be able to profitably dispose of their position without any liquidity risk. With a transparent and efficient platform that allows investors to trade their shares with a hassle-free approach, this is exactly what UnlistedKart offers.

4. Valuation Risk

It Is essential to understand the correct valuation of a company before investing.  However, in the unlisted space, this is often difficult to do as there is a lack of transparency and information asymmetry. This can often lead to investors overpaying or underpaying for a company’s stock without completely understanding the associated risks.

Solution: One way to mitigate this problem is to conduct a detailed analysis of the company before investing. This should include understanding the business model and making a list of comparable companies for reference. UnlistedKart provides research reports to all their clients, helping them make the most informed decisions before investing. What makes their reports stand out is that they are always neutral in nature and written with care so as not to distort or influence the investors’ views about a company’s prospects for success.

Looking forward

The unlisted stocks space is not for the faint of heart. It can be risky to invest in companies that are still private and have no public market data available. Still, it also has a very high reward potential. If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or want more control over what types of investments you make, consider investing in unlisted stocks as part of your investment strategy with UnlistedKart.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlisted companies are startups with very high growth potential.
  • It is perfect for investors who have a long-term horizon for investment.
  • Credit risk can be eliminated by working with a trusted company such as Unlistedkart.
  • Market risk can be eliminated through bidding documents such as purchase agreements, contracts notes, etc.
  • Liquidity risk is very low today due to higher demand for unlisted stocks and 25+ brokers. It can be eliminated entirely with better due diligence.
  • Valuation risk can be eliminated by better understanding the business model and actionable research reports (such as the ones provided by Unlistedkart).

About Unlistedkart:

Unlistedkart LLP is a research-driven, market-making platform focused on the secondary market for late-stage/Pre-IPO/unlisted companies. It enables HNIs, wealth managers and other investors to invest early into the companies they believe in and provide much-needed liquidity to founders/ESOP holders to meet their vision.

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