True Exposure Investments, Inc. lowers management fee for series F of the TruX Exogenous Risk Pool and refiles Management Report of Fund Performance and Fund Facts documents for 2023

TORONTO, June 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — True Exposure Investments, Inc. (TruX) today announced the lowering of the management fee on Series F of the TruX Exogenous Risk Pool (Pool) from an annual rate of 0.70% of net assets to 0.65% of net assets, effective June 10, 2024. Changes to the Pool’s simplified prospectus have been filed to reflect this change. The amendment is available on SEDAR+ and on the Pool’s website at No other changes were made to the simplified prospectus of the Pool.

In addition, TruX today announced the refiling of the Management Report of Fund Performance (MRFP) for TruX Exogenous Risk Pool (Pool) for the period ended December 31, 2023, and the filing of revised Fund Facts. The purpose of the filings is to correct an inadvertent misstatement of the management expense ratio (MER) and the trading expense ratio (TER) for the Pool for the following period and series:


  Series F MER Series F TER Series F Expenses Series N MER Series N TER Series N
  From: To: From: To: From: To: From: To: From: To: From: To:
Dec. 31, 2023 3.00%   1.08%   0.05%   1.56%   3.05%   2.64%   2.16%   0.64%   0.05%   1.56%   2.21%   2.20%  

The misstatement was due to the calculation of the MER including margin interest on the Pool’s investment portfolio incurred in order to achieve the fund’s stated objectives for 2023.   TruX has restated the MRFP to exclude this interest from the MER and to include this amount in the TER of the Pool. The MRFP and FFD were amended to state that the interest related to this leverage is included in the TER of the fund.

No other changes were made to the MRFP or Fund Facts for each period. This change had no impact on the stated returns of the Pool.

The revised MRFPs and Fund Facts will be available on the TruX website at and on SEDAR+ at A copy of the revised Fund Facts for the Fund will also be provided on request, at no cost, by contacting TruX at [email protected], or from an investor’s dealer or advisor.   For further information regarding TruX and the Pool, please visit

Inukshuk Capital Management Inc. is the Portfolio Manager hired by True Exposure Investments, Inc. to advise TruX Exogenous Risk Pool.

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For further information contact James Fraser, CEO, True Exposure Investments, Inc., at 844 844 8789 or [email protected].

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