The Irlen Institute Announces Irlen Syndrome Conference

Long Beach, Feb. 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Long Beach, California –

The Irlen Institute is pleased to invite all interested parties to the upcoming Irlen International Conference, which is to be held in Long Beach, CA between the 27th and 29th of June, 2024. The conference venue is the Westin Hotel, a beautiful resort located within walking distance of the ocean (and near three airports), along with a number of noteworthy attractions.


The conference features more than twenty experts in the areas of cognitive neuroscience, psychology, education, occupational therapy, and neurology. Keynote addresses by Dr. Adam Anderson, professor of psychology at Cornell University and Dr. Daniel Amen, physician, psychiatrist, and founder of the Amen Clinics will kick off three full days of learning and professional development. Additional presenters include: Dr. Thomas Schweller, triple-board certified neurologist; Dr. Kelly Auld-Wright, occupational therapist and professor of practice at the Keck Graduate Institute; Dr. Brandon Crawford, co-founder and clinical director of NeuroSolution Center of Austin; Dr. Eve De Rosa, Dean of Faculty at Cornell University; and actor and singer, Raven-Symoné who will be sharing her personal experience with Irlen Syndrome. The daily conference schedule is already available on the Irlen Institute website. On the first day, certified Irlen professionals will have the opportunity to take part in diagnostician and screener-only training, followed by two full days of speakers and experts that is open to the general public. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with colleagues and subject area experts at the welcome reception and conference dinner. Helen Irlen and the rest of the Irlen Institute International Headquarters team will all be in attendance. The conference will conclude with a conference dinner and reception on June 29 between 6 pm and 10 pm. Interested professionals can also register for a concurrent Screener Training Course as part of the conference and get certified in the Irlen Method during the conference.

Irlen specializes in spectral filter color lens technology. The Institute says, “Backed by over 40 years of research, Irlen is the pioneer and global leader in spectral filter color lens technology. This innovative, breakthrough solution has helped millions of adults and children around the world. With hundreds of certified providers in more than 50 countries around the world, Irlen is the original creator of colored lens treatment for light-based, visual processing difficulties.”

They continue, “The Irlen Method has earned millions of fans by providing a long-term, expertly-developed solution for reading problems, headaches, migraines, light sensitivity, ADHD, autism and many other light-based difficulties — by directly addressing a core problem: the brain’s inability to process visual information and specific wavelengths of light. If you or your child have been suffering, then you deserve to know more about the most widely used, research-based and effective solution available to you.”

The symptoms of the condition, which is known by many names, including Irlen Syndrome, visual stress and scotopic sensitivity, appear in many populations. These conditions include migraines, brain injury, concussion, ADHD, autism and learning difficulties. Irlen’s advanced solutions, Irlen coloured overlays and spectral filters (which can be worn as glasses or contacts), are straightforward and effective ways of managing the Irlen symptoms often found in the above conditions.

The Institute seeks to provide solutions that are non-invasive for people who experience such issues. Their solutions offer immediate relief from the difficulties often found in people who have dyslexia, autism and other conditions. Irlen is effective, safe, reversible and straightforward, making it the perfect choice for those with the aforementioned conditions and their parents.

The Irlen Institute was founded by Helen L. Irlen, an internationally recognised educator, researcher, therapist, scholar and expert in the area of visual-perceptual problems. Irlen is a graduate of Cornell University and has been in education for over five decades. She spent 15 years as a school psychologist before going on to spend 30 years as a child and family therapist, educational therapist, founder and Director of the Adult Learning Disabilities Program and Assistant Professor of Adult Learning Disabilities at California State University/Long Beach, instructor in psychology at Cornell University and research assistant at Cornell. Irlen has been recognised for her work by a number of institutions and publications, including multiple ‘Who’s Who In-’’ lists.

Helen Irlen’s work has produced a number of success stories, many of which are documented on The Irlen Institute’s website. One parent says on Facebook, “My 8 1/2 year old daughter has been wearing her Irlen lenses for a couple of months now. They have made a drastic effect on so many areas of her life, as well as her schooling. The emotional balance has been an incredible difference, from a mum’s perspective. I have seen an incredible and drastic difference in her reading ability and have seen it first-hand.”

The parent goes on to explain, “Without her glasses on and not realizing it, [I can see] the lack of her ability to track lines, a total lack of being able to read a word, let alone a sentence. Then, when telling her she forgot to put her glasses on, [she is then] able to read aloud the whole page. I’m impressed and relieved. Our school has been fabulous in allowing the specialist recommendations to be put into play. So, now it’s my turn to get Irlen Lenses. After my whole life, having this struggle, having no idea that there are Irlen lenses, this has been a wonderful journey so far. Gratitude to Helen, she has changed lives.”

Learn more about Irlen Syndrome and The Irlen Institute on their official website. Conference attendees are welcome to get in touch with the team today to learn more about its schedule, events and more.


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