The Debt Restructure Group Keeps Businesses Afloat Via Holistic, Integrity-Focused Approach

Houston, Texas, March 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Debt financing is an important instrument businesses use to grow, and it is one of the most common ways small and new businesses facilitate growth. However, due to market conditions or the business’ miscalculations, debt can reach a level that threatens the company’s solvency and operations. Dealing with overwhelming debt can be daunting, and a business’ survival hinges on obtaining expert assistance to manage and restructure its debt.

Debt restructuring services include, but are not limited to, reducing debt, extending repayment terms, and modifying interest rates. These can help improve a business’s cash flow and avoid bankruptcy, which increased by 30% last year.


The Debt Restructure Group (DRG) is an expert debt restructuring company in the Greater Houston Area, founded in 2021 by Joe Hall, who has more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry. The company helps businesses across various industries restructure their debts via customized solutions that take a holistic view of the client’s situation and emphasize integrity and transformation.

According to Hall, many companies today are struggling with merchant cash advances (MCAs), which are a type of short-term business financing instrument that allows businesses access to funding in exchange for a percentage of its daily debit and credit card sales. MCAs are usually availed by businesses that are unable to take out traditional loans from banks, either due to a bad or lacking credit history. While MCAs are easy to obtain, they are also expensive and can trap many businesses in a dangerous cycle of debt.

When working with its clients, DRG looks beyond their MCAs and other outstanding debts and into the entire business. Oftentimes, it is able to discover an underlying problem in how the business is run, which is likely the root cause of its debt problems. Aside from thoroughly examining the client’s business, DRG also scrutinizes the lender, their business patterns, and whether they’re taking advantage of their clients. Once DRG has a clear picture of the entire situation, it is then well-equipped for negotiations.

With Hall’s and his team’s multiple decades of financial experience, DRG is able to create a tailor-made solution to help entrepreneurs regain control of their business’ finances while providing expert guidance throughout the debt restructuring process, enabling more sustainable long-term operations, and leading to financial success.

Because debt is a sensitive matter that is crucial to a business’s survival and the livelihood of multiple individuals and their families, Hall places huge importance on honesty, integrity, and compliance in its operations, while taking a humanistic approach.

“We create a comprehensive debt restructuring plan that tells the client everything that they have to do to relieve the pressure on their cash flow. Following this plan gives them the best chance to get to the finish line,” Hall says. “When it’s a matter of survival for a business, it’s important that all parties are telling the truth. We emphasize honesty and integrity at all times, and I always say that we do not want to work with clients who are hiding something or unwilling to follow the plan. Over the years, we have helped thousands of businesses successfully navigate debt restructuring, saving them from sinking under financial pressure while achieving financial stability.”

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