T2 TKN Announces New Payment Solution for the Gig Economy

SINGAPORE, June 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — What is T2 TKN and what does it solve?



T2 TKN is an innovative payment solution set to revolutionize transactional paradigms. Built on the foundation of ‘programmable payments’, T2 TKN enables users to program their payments for goods or services, in fiat or digital currencies, providing risk management for all parties. Every payment from T2 Wallet injects trust and transparency like never before, minimizing the risk of fraud, late payment and other payment problems that are escalating today. Whether you’re transacting for a camera or creative services or personal training sessions, or even if you’re a construction company building a property with many stakeholders, a T2 payment is just ‘set and send’.

Within T2 Wallet, users can also access a Freelancer and Classifieds marketplace to promote their goods or services for sale. This creates a complete ecosystem in which users can only transact with other trusted parties, making T2 Wallet a new payment standard. No more late payments, no more purchase cons and no more bad actors – just clean and straightforward transactions, as it should be.

Token Overview 

– Token name: T2 TKN
– Token symbol:T2TKN/USDT 
– Total supply: 10,000,000,000 

Below are the token utilities:

1. Staking – Lower Fees
– Staking  T2TKN  can  provide  lower  fees  for  users 

2. Staking -Lower interest:
– For any user that stakes T2TKN, it will offer competitive interest rates for their lending needs

3. Staking -Revenue Share:
– By staking your T2TKN and believing in its ecosystem, T2  can  provide  a  passive  income  stream  by  distributing  a  percentage  of  revenue that they collect from transaction fees

4. Referral & Incentive Programs:
– Work as core in its referral program.

5. Arbitration Committee:                        
– T2 TKN understands that sometimes work isn’t delivered to the Client’s standard and to this extent, their payment programs have the ability to deny the release of funds and move to arbitration. And while the initial process for this will be offline, meaning the two parties arbitrate amongst themselves and then provide a verdict to the T2 TKN admins to release the funds appropriately,  their team envisions a future in which T2 TKN users can act as community arbitrators for a dedicated service or business category. Think of it as the ‘community notes’ feature from Twitter, but for arbitrating the quality of services. Even greater is that any user participating as an arbitrator, provided they stake a certain amount of T2TKN and maintain a decent user rating on the platform, would receive income from every job they review, giving them a new passive income stream via the T2 ecosystem. People helping people, all powered by T2TKN.

What are the strengths of  T2 TKN? 

– Robust Security Protocols: By implementing state-of-the-art security measures, T2TKN is a standard for safe transactions when purchase cons, e-commerce fraud, late payment and various other payment problems are escalating at an uncontrollable pace. T2TKN is named after its tagline – A Token of Trust between Two People..
– High Transaction Speed: The ability to process transactions quickly and efficiently sets T2TKN apart from many other cryptocurrencies, which often face scalability issues.
– Comprehensive DeFi Capabilities: Its integration with various DeFi applications allows users to maximize the utility of their tokens, offering opportunities for lending, borrowing, and earning interest.
– Wide Accessibility: The user-friendly design of T2TKN ensures that it is accessible to a broad audience, promoting wider adoption and usage of their programmable payment system.

What does the ecosystem of T2 TKN include?

T2 Wallet – a digital wallet that enables users to program their payments for goods or services, in fiat or digital currencies, for any transactional use case. Every payment program provides a bespoke payment workflow and transaction management tool that fosters trust and transparency like never before.

T2 Freelancer – a marketplace within T2 Wallet for freelancers to post their profile and market their services. A place to be discovered by T2 Wallet users seeking to hire only trusted freelancers. Enabled by programmable payments, T2 Freelancer will soon also include a job board, connecting talent and tasks like never before.

T2 Marketplace – a classifieds marketplace within T2 Wallet for users to post their goods for sale. Whether they’re new or secondhand goods for sale, T2 Marketplace reduces the chance of purchase cons and e-commerce fraud by using programmable payments.


T2TKN aims to become a payment standard for the secure transaction of goods and services. Primarily focused on the growing gig economy, T2 TKN sees a need for someone to step in and offer protection for freelancers and their clients. The utility and global recognition of their token will continue to increase in parallel with user adoption and the development of more unique features. Additionally, navigating the regulatory landscape for payment technology and adhering to strict licensing requirements will be crucial for T2TKN to develop into a global payments leader.

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