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PDRL Launches Beta Version of AeroCapture, for Drone Data Analytics


“Creating More Time to Live,Says Mr. Vishal Dharankar, CTO

NASHIK, India, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AeroCapture is a unique Self-Service platform designed to provide end-to-end image/video analytics, including the capture of images by drones, processing, and providing valuable analytics for creating business value. AeroCapture is part of PDRL’s flagship Drone Automation SaaS platform, AeroMegh.


Most of the image and video analytics of drone data is done manually as of now, devouring a lot of time depending on the use case. AeroCapture will help reduce this time of drone data analytics and has the ability to provide analytical reports in real-time. AeroCapture enables seamless image transfer from drone to the cloud and is equipped with high-end security to help keep the data secure during the transfer. The Drone Automation SaaS platform from PDRL that includes the drone flight planning module is helping simplify the overall inspection, surveillance and monitoring job for many of its customers.

AeroCapture can cater to needs of diverse customer set starting from individuals all the way to supporting large scale business. AeroCapture works in collaboration with AeroStream, a component of AeroMegh used to stream real time data from the drones to the cloud and viewers. The use cases for their platform are practically endless, monitoring of highways, railway tracks, detection of potholes, cracks, water logging, SRT data integration, inspection of towers, solar panels, skyscrapers et.al. Its power for analytics is further enhanced with the use of indigenous AI/ML algorithms designed by PDRL.

PDRL believes in creating simplified solutions with niche features using the power of advanced technologies. PDRL is all geared up to transform the Drone Industry with variety of automated & autonomous solutions that will help reduce the time to perform repetitive tasks, and stay true to its mission of creating more time to live.


Customers across the globe have started evaluating the beta version of AeroCapture and are helping to strengthen the solution. Gold version of AeroCapture will be available soon to serve the global market and ease out the pain of drone data analytics. Millions of aerial images and videos are getting captured every month by drones and the world will witness the number grow exponentially in near future. PDRL believes that AeroCapture will act as a strong platform to fulfill needs of the customers, related to drone data analytics services.

PDRL is committed to keep on developing simplified solutions for drone automation and drone data analytics.

About Passenger Drone Research Private Limited

PDRL is a start-up company based in Nasik, Maharashtra. PDRL offers drone automation and data analytics SaaS platform called AeroMegh for enterprises to generate business driven data in real time.

With reliable efforts, PDRL has created simple and most efficient software for Drone Industry. Products are future ready and satisfying the need of the hour as well as enhancing as per future vision. PDRL is committed towards ensuring that customers are benefited from the newest drone technologies in the market and also that drones are used for legitimate and fruitful purposes only.

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