HDFC Securities helps customers to ‘Trade Smart and Fast’

HDFC Securities has launched #FaydeKeFeatures, an initiative to enhance trading experience and address the various requirements of the investors

MUMBAI, India, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The rapid pace of digitalization has changed the financial landscape in more ways than one. This is evident from the broad range of offerings that are now available to consumers. HDFC Securities, one of India’s largest stock brokerage firm, through its initiative #FaydeKeFeatures, is helping their customers to derive more value out of their trading accounts.  Ranging from Excel-based trading to applying for IPO subscriptions with the aid of UPIs, #FaydeKeFeatures will focus on major investing features that come as a part of the differentiated experience associated with HDFC Securities trading account.

Speaking on the launch Mr. Gagan Singla, CMO and CDO at HDFC Securities said, “The Indian investment ethos is rapidly evolving. The pandemic has also played a role in this. We are seeing a shift in preference towards stock trading in recent times. But we also know that the stock market is a notoriously volatile space. Our commitment, therefore, is to protect our investors and arm them with the right tools to make the most of the markets and limit their losses. Our #FaydeKeFeatures initiative is part of this commitment to bring the latest and best that technology has to offer to ease trading. Through these features, any investor or trader will be able to exercise maximum versatility in their trading activities.”

Here are the list of features that help customers to “Trade Smart and Fast”

Excel-Based Trading: What makes this offering stand out is that it allows for order placements to be carried out via Microsoft Excel itself. Users may create buy/sell buttons on each row within their Excel sheet. This is possible with the aid of a single click that is capable of invoking buy/sell HTML web order forms via an overlay of the Excel sheet. This order form then opens up as a default browser window.

Applying for IPOs with the Aid of UPIs: Initial Public Offerings (or IPOs) have gained popularity in the past few years. They allow companies to grow their resources by issuing new stock that is made available to the public. Those that take advantage of IPOs stand the chance to benefit from a company’s growth.

In order to apply for an IPO subscription, users must simply have an online trading account at HDFC Securities and take advantage of the UPI mode available. They must ensure that they accept the UPI mandate featured under the application linked to the UPI ID which was entered at the time the order was placed.

Securities Lending and Borrowing: Next in the list of HDFC Securities’ broad range of offerings is the possibility to lend or borrow shares. Stock lending and borrowing are permissible for an outlined time frame keeping in mind a certain lending or borrowing fee. As per securities borrowing, individuals may borrow shares from other investors and individuals can lend the shares they own but don’t intend to sell. HDFC Securities facilitates its clients to fix their preferred lending of fee and the tenure that is most desirable to them

Mutual Fund as a Pledge: Interested individuals can unlock the true potential associated with their mutual funds by using the ‘mutual fund as a pledge’ option such that they gain access to a range of trading opportunities. This offering allows users to create trading limits for themselves by having their Mutual Fund holdings listed under their Demat accounts for trading under the Future and Options segment. Should users find that there lies a trading opportunity with the Future and Options segment and they lack the money to place their order, they can simply create a limit with the aid of the ‘Mutual Fund as Pledge’ to trade. HDFC Securities does not charge any interest on Derivatives margin paid as mutual fund pledge.

Shares as a Pledge: This facility allows users to create trading limits for themselves by holding their existing stock holdings listed under their Demat account for trading under the e-margin or Future and Options segment. Should users find that there lies a trading opportunity under stocks within the future & options segment and they lack the money to place their order, they can simply create a limit with the aid of the ‘Shares as Pledge’ to trade. Here, users will be pleased to note that they can bring in their funds by T+1 day. HDFC Securities does not charge any interest on Derivatives margin paid as stock as a pledge.

With these features amongst others, the #FaydeKeFeatures stays true to its commitment to enhancing customers’ investment journey in both the short and long term.

About HDFC Securities

A subsidiary of HDFC Bank, HDFC Securities is a leading stock brokerage in India. With over 20 years of experience, the company serves more than 2 million retail and institutional investors through a suite of products and services.

HDFC Securities offers over 30 investment vehicles, spanning asset classes such as stocks, gold, real estate and debt instruments. The company offers investment and direct trading services through buying and selling of equities, along with currency derivatives, mutual funds, NCDs, fixed deposits, bonds, and more, to suit the diverse investment needs of Indians. With a robust understanding of the personal finance space in India, HDFC Securities specializes in asset allocation, portfolio structuring and realignment, and goal-based investing for customer success.

Committed to providing seamless trading experiences, HDFC Securities offers the latest technology tools and future-ready trading platforms (including mobile application, website, ITS and Proterminal) to investors and traders who can access state of the art features to experience a seamless transactional journey, driving more value out of their portfolios.

The company maintains a strong social media presence through which it periodically publishes market updates and capital markets literacy literature. The company is one of the most followed accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, providing investment and broking services in the financial domain in India.

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