From Humble Beginnings to Global Reach: Perfarmers Global Transforming Agriculture For a Better Tomorrow

Established on 26th June 2020, Perfarmers Global is creating ripple change throughout the Indian agricultural scenario; much of the credit goes to the visionary founder Apoorv Khare. This young company is driven by a mission far nobler than mere profit – to empower Indian farmers and bridge the gap between their bountiful harvests and the international markets that crave them.

Founder’s Journey


Khare’s journey began with a stark realisation. Witnessing the toil and hardship endured by Indian farmers, often for meagre returns, ignited a passion within him. He identified not just disparity but a hidden potential waiting to be unlocked.

Perfarmers Global was born after meeting innumerable hardships and challenges. Initial challenges, including navigating compliance and establishing efficient channels, were met head-on. Khare’s ironclad commitment, however, paved the way for the company’s operational launch and the initiation of its transformative mission.

Brand Vision

At the heart of this export brand lies a simple yet powerful idea: direct connection. Acting as a platform, the company eliminates the intervention of intermediaries and bulk hoarders, thus protecting farmers from probable exploitation. This direct link ensures farmers receive fair prices for their produce, reaping the rewards of their hard work.

Empowering Initiatives

Perfarmers Global’s ideals go beyond fair trade. Recognising the need for knowledge and resources, the company empowers farmers with vital information on best practices and market trends. Coupled with access to technology like solar driers for sensitive produce, these resources have vividly improved yields and quality.

Khare’s vision extends beyond individual farmers. He actively encourages forming farmer-producer organisations (FPOs), fostering collective bargaining power. Such an initiative not only propelled the farmers’ futures towards a better direction but enabled them to access larger markets and better prices.

Fostering Trust

Trust and transparency have been the critical foundations of Perfarmers Global’s success. Farmers appreciate the company’s clarity and direct approach, leading to strong partnerships and a commitment to quality. This commitment is evident in the company’s stringent adherence to international quality standards, ensuring only the finest produce reaches international buyers.

As the company continues its upward trajectory, Khare’s vision is steadily becoming a reality. Farmers are empowered, communities are uplifted, and the world savours the bounty of Indian agriculture. Perfarmers Global has been successfully redefining how agriculture operates—- one farmer, one fair price, one delicious bite at a time.

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