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Forward Thinking Expert Vishakha Singh Uses Edtech to Launch Habits led Leadership Course ‘SHIFT’


MUMBAI, India, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Using edtech as a delivery platform, forward thinking expert Vishakha Singh has announced the launch of a leadership course SHIFT that stands for Simple Habits and Ideas for Forward Thinking. With competencies in design thinking and business strategy and with more than twenty years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Vishakha is a thought leader in forward thinking skills. The course, SHIFT, is a three weeks long online-offline program which enables leaders and professionals of today’s world to adopt a forward thinking mindset to direct themselves and their teams towards the path of growth trajectory in a fast-changing business environment. The next cohort of the course is to begin on November 19th, 2021 which will comprise of business leaders and entrepreneurs from both listed and privately run ventures. C-Suite leaders from prominent organisations such as Infosys, Asian Paints, SBI Mutual Fund, SBI Caps, General Mills amongst others were a part of the previous batch.

SHIFT is a set of 15 habits and ideas that inculcates forward thinking skills for its users. Utilising edtech as a medium, Vishakha inculcates habits as behavioural interventions to nurture growth mindset in the course takers. SHIFT, an online-offline integrated course experience, enables users to develop a creative and critical thinking mindset, thereby empowering them to become better and confident decision makers. These habits and ideas are based on mental models and are designed to steer a mindset in the direction of growth and success. The course comprises four modules which includes habits like ‘Empathy Mapping’, ‘Listening Together’ and ideas like ‘No Marginal Thinking’, ‘Inversion Thinking’ and ‘Boyd’s OODA model’ amongst others which help the course takers to become an engaged leader while honing the innovative side of their mind. This entire course, through the habits and ideas nurtures skills of a confident, reflective, empathetic and innovative leader.

Commenting on the launch of the course, Vishakha Singh, the author of SHIFT stated, “The speed of disruption in the work environment is faster than the speed of change adopted by today’s leaders. Disruption comes from many directions- growth of technology, new laws, pandemic etc.. It is imperative for leaders to adopt a forward thinking mindset that is agile and innovative in dealing with the pace of the work environment. Thinking is a skill that can be acquired. SHIFT is a set of mental models that brings ideas to action through everyday work habits. It hones thinking skills for leaders to steer themselves, their teams and their work to paths of success.”

Appreciating how the course has helped, Mr. Shashank Kolekar who works with Infosys, stated, “SHIFT is an extremely effective course that has impacted my way of working. Under the guidance of Vishakha and her course, one can seamlessly develop the habits of effective critical thinking. Besides, it also helps one to make better decisions, better habits lead to efficient work productivity. I came across this course after reading an article written by Vishakha.”

One of the former course takers, Devangee Ganatra of India Food Network stated, “Our lives can arguably be defined as a sum of our habits. The ability to step back, identify, analyze and improvise is what needed structure in my life. This course has been significant in helping identify good habits and how to start breaking the bad ones. Experiencing the subtle shifts in mindset are much more remarkable than sudden big changes.”

Working methodologies are changing at a drastic pace in the fast-paced corporate world. The need of the hour for leaders and professionals is to develop the habit of becoming a critical thinker to be able to ratiocinate and become an independent thinker to lead the organization towards growth and success. Behavioral interventions taught through SHIFT fosters practicing strategic and critical thinking habits and ideas which is an essential practice to stay ahead of the curve.


Shift is a curated set of ideas and habits that inculcates Forward Thinking. SHIFT – Simple Habits and Ideas for Forward Thinking is a three weeks online-offline integrated program that helps professionals and leaders develop a forward thinking mindset to steer themselves and their teams to success in the fast – changing business environment.

The course curriculum is covered over four modules. The online delivery consists of videos, reading material and assessments hosted on Canvas, the world class learning management system. The program experience includes live interactions with Vishakha Singh during the tenure of the course, a set of notecards for the workstation and an email trail for 15 weeks focusing on one habit every week after the online course completion. SHIFT is an integrated experience to help the course taker adopt these habits efficiently.

SHIFT’s learners are leaders from different backgrounds; the corporate and entrepreneurial world. It is aimed at Business heads, Marketing and Sales heads, CEO’s and MD’s, decision makers, SME owners and New-age Startups. Their current eminent list of clients includes employees from Infosys, Asian Paints, General Mills amongst many others from the corporate world and Chartered Accountants, health industry entrepreneurs from the SME world.

About Vishakha Singh

Vishakha Singh, a thought leader in the forward thinking space has authored the course “SHIFT” – Simple Habits and Ideas for Forward Thinking. Her knowledge in design thinking, relentless curiosity and twenty years of working in the entrepreneurial and corporate world has honed her expertise in disruptive thinking and innovation. She imparts this knowledge through the forward thinking course SHIFT. As a critical thinker, she affirms that forward thinking includes critical and creative thinking and confident decision-making is a learnable skill that steers leaders, their teams and companies towards success. With the vision of Intellectual Indians in the workforce and driven by the force of sharing knowledge, she has brought together habits and ideas in the course SHIFT that shape up the leaders’ mindsets to lead successfully in the fast changing, uncertain business environment. A design thinking practitioner and an ingenuous business strategist, Vishakha uses mental models delivered through engaging workshops and told through stories in her newsletters to bring ideas into action.

Vishakha has studied Design Thinking from MIT School of Engineering. She has served on the board of the International Advertising Association- India Chapter from 2013 to 2015. She has been awarded the ‘Top Brand Builders’, Women Leader Award, featured on ‘Top Women to Watch’ in the E-commerce space by Images Retail Forum and has earned several other media recognitions. She also featured in Campaign India’s List and has been on the jury of various awards.


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