Computer Networks Inc. Revolutionizes Medical IT with Advanced Cybersecurity Support Platform

Virginia Beach, July 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Virginia Beach, Virginia –

Computer Networks Inc., a leading provider of innovative tech solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its specialized Medical IT Services designed to enhance the efficiency and security of healthcare providers. This initiative responds to the growing demand for reliable, comprehensive IT support within the medical sector, ensuring that healthcare facilities can focus on delivering exceptional patient care.


The newly launched Medical IT Services encompass a wide range of features aimed at optimizing healthcare operations and safeguarding sensitive patient data. By integrating advanced technology solutions, real-time monitoring, and automated response systems, the company aims to strengthen the IT infrastructures of medical facilities against cyber threats while ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

The mission of the firm is to support medical facilities with robust and reliable IT solutions that enhance operational efficiency and protect patient information.

As healthcare organizations increasingly rely on digital platforms for patient records, telemedicine, and administrative functions, they become more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Recognizing these challenges, the company offers services that not only detect and prevent threats but also provide continuous support and regular system updates to address emerging security issues.

Key components of the Medical IT Services include:

Data Security and Compliance: Data security is paramount in healthcare due to the sensitive nature of patient information. Advanced encryption methods are implemented to protect data both in transit and at rest. The company offers comprehensive monitoring to identify and address suspicious activities swiftly, ensuring potential breaches are managed promptly. Furthermore, regular system updates are conducted to patch vulnerabilities and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. Adherence to HIPAA standards is meticulously maintained, ensuring that all aspects of data handling are compliant with federal regulations, which mandates strict provisions for privacy and security.

24/7 Network Monitoring: Continuous network monitoring is critical in averting downtime and potential security breaches. Real-time surveillance of the entire IT infrastructure is provided, with a dedicated team of IT professionals available around the clock to detect and resolve issues before they can impact operations. This proactive approach ensures high system availability and reliability, which is especially crucial for healthcare providers who cannot afford interruptions in their service delivery.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Management: The management of Electronic Health Records (EHR) involves secure storage, efficient retrieval, and accurate updating of patient records. Robust EHR solutions are offered that facilitate the seamless management of patient data. These systems are designed to be interoperable with existing EHR platforms, providing a smooth transition and minimizing workflow disruptions. By ensuring quick access to patient information, healthcare providers can deliver timely and informed care, enhancing patient outcomes.

Telemedicine Solutions: Telemedicine has become an integral part of modern healthcare, providing patients with the convenience of virtual consultations. The company offers advanced telemedicine support, which includes secure video conferencing systems, virtual appointment scheduling, and integration with existing medical records. Their solutions ensure that virtual consultations are not only seamless but also secure, protecting patient confidentiality and data integrity during remote interactions.

Customized IT Solutions: Recognizing that each healthcare facility has unique needs, customized IT solutions are provided tailored to specific requirements. Whether it is a small clinic or a large hospital, the company offers scalable and flexible IT services that adapt to the size and demands of the institution. These tailored solutions ensure that the IT infrastructure can grow alongside the facility without compromising performance or security.

The importance of IT in the healthcare sector is critical, and the solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing systems with minimal disruption. By incorporating feedback from healthcare professionals, the services address the specific challenges faced by medical facilities. The emphasis on user-friendliness and minimal downtime during integration makes it an ideal choice for practices looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure.

Healthcare providers interested in exploring these services can visit for detailed information and resources. Additionally, the firm maintains active engagement with clients through their official Facebook page at for real-time updates, support, and insights into the latest in medical IT trends and best practices.

The launch of Medical IT Services by the company represents a significant advancement in the provision of specialized IT support for the healthcare sector. By offering tailored solutions that ensure data security, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance, the firm aligns itself as a crucial partner in the medical community’s ongoing efforts to provide safe, effective, and innovative patient care.


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