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SINGAPORE , Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With a buzz of anticipation, the official listing of $MBID on Coinstore is set for February 25, 2024. This pivotal moment follows closely on the heels of our highly successful, oversubscribed rounds on the Coinstore Launchpad (420% and 339% respectively), showcasing strong market confidence in our mission to revolutionise the digital identity space.

$MBID emerges not merely as a newcomer to the exchange but as proof of the coming seismic shift. At its core, $MBID confronts a global crisis head-on: the alarming ease with which digital identities can be compromised, manipulated, and stolen. In an age where data breaches regularly make headlines, $MBID is built on the premise that in the digital realm, your identity should be as untouchable as your will. But on a more profound level, $MBID represents a promise that in the coming years, our own privacy and where our data goes should be decided by us. 


With an impressive market capitalisation of USD 60.8 million and a circulating supply of 160 million tokens, each priced at 0.38 USDT, $MBID is making waves in the investment community. This milestone not only underscores robust investor confidence but also lays a solid foundation for the token’s future growth. This current valuation of $MBID reflects the high demand for the token and its potential to seize a considerable market share in the fast-evolving digital identity sector..

Why $MBID? 

With $MBID hitting the Coinstore’s listings, we’re not just witnessing a token’s debut. We’re seeing the laying down of a gauntlet: a challenge to the status quo of digital identity management. 

What sets $MBID apart isn’t its ambition — it’s its foundation. Leveraging the Solana blockchain, known for its blistering speeds and cost-effective transaction costs, $MBID is poised to tackle identity management challenges without the sluggishness and high fees plaguing other platforms. This is digital identity on the next level, designed for the user of today, ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Here are some startling facts that underscore the magnitude of this moment:

Identity Theft on the Rise: With identity theft cases soaring globally, the need for a robust, blockchain-based identity solution has never been more critical. $MBID doesn’t just address this issue; it aims to obliterate it, offering a secure harbour in the stormy seas of digital fraud.

The Cost of Data Breaches: The global economy loses billions annually to data breaches. $MBID’s approach offers not just savings but a paradigm shift, turning security from a cost centre into a value proposition.

A Scalable Solution for a Global Problem: The genius of $MBID lies in its scalability. Designed to grow and adapt, it’s a solution that doesn’t just serve the tech-savvy but reaches across divides, offering protection and empowerment to users regardless of their digital literacy.

myBID: The Home of $MBID’s Utility

The $MBID token is central to supporting the advanced technological foundation of the myBID ecosystem, which leverages the latest in blockchain, Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and encryption technologies to offer a new standard in digital identity management. Built on the Solana blockchain, known for its high throughput and low transaction costs, $MBID ensures the ecosystem is scalable, fast, and efficient. This choice of blockchain technology facilitates real-time transactions and interactions within the myBID platform, making digital identity verification seamless and cost-effective.

The incorporation of SSI principles into the myBID platform, supported by $MBID, empowers users with complete control over their digital identities. This approach not only enhances privacy and security but also aligns with global movements towards more user-centric digital experiences. Through the use of verifiable credentials, the myBID ecosystem allows for the secure sharing of personal data, with transactions and permissions managed directly by the individual, ensuring data integrity and trust across various sectors.

Furthermore, $MBID plays a critical role in incentivising participation within the ecosystem. From rewarding users for maintaining updated profiles to compensating validators for their role in securing and verifying identity data, $MBID fosters a vibrant community engagement model. This economic model ensures the long-term viability and growth of the myBID platform, as it continues to innovate and expand its suite of digital identity services.

$MBID Tokenomics: Tailored for Investor Value and Ecosystem Growth

The $MBID token, central to the myBID ecosystem, is meticulously designed to ensure both immediate utility and long-term value appreciation, reflecting the project’s ambitious vision. With a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, $MBID’s scarcity is a fundamental aspect that underpins its potential for value growth as the ecosystem expands and demand for the token increases.

Utility Within the Ecosystem: $MBID’s primary role is to facilitate transactions, access to services, and participation rewards within the myBID platform. This includes paying for identity verification services, accessing premium features, and incentivizing user engagement. As the platform evolves to include more services and partnerships, the demand for $MBID is poised to rise, driving its economic value.

Staking Mechanisms: To encourage holding and active participation in the ecosystem, $MBID introduces staking rewards that offer token holders an additional income stream. This mechanism not only secures the network but also reduces the circulating supply of $MBID, potentially leading to price appreciation. The staking rewards are structured to benefit long-term holders and contribute to the ecosystem’s stability.

Investment Potential: The strategic approach to $MBID’s tokenomics, combining a fixed supply with multifaceted utility and incentivized participation, is designed to create a sustainable and appreciating asset. Investors can look forward to the token’s value being driven by tangible utility in the digital identity space, a sector with growing importance and adoption globally.

Looking Ahead: As the myBID project continues to forge strategic partnerships and broaden its service offerings, the utility and demand for $MBID are expected to increase significantly. This expansion, coupled with the token’s limited supply and the incentivized holding through staking, lays a solid foundation for $MBID’s potential appreciation, positioning it as a strategic asset for investors focused on the digital identity revolution.

What’s Next for myBID

Upcoming milestones for the myBID project are set to significantly enhance its ecosystem and expand its global reach. A key highlight includes the announcement of the first partnering nation with which myBID has signed a letter of intent (LOI). 

This partnership aims to integrate myBID as the foundational platform for the nation’s digital identity infrastructure, marking a major step towards realising the global potential of secure and user-centric digital identities. Further developments include the strategic expansion of the myBID ecosystem through collaborations with various governments and private entities, focusing on fostering global adoption. Additionally, myBID plans to introduce a suite of new services designed to enrich the platform’s offerings. These services encompass digital credential verification, secure data sharing, and enhanced mechanisms for cross-border identity verification, each contributing to the overarching goal of creating a more connected, secure, and accessible digital world.

$MBID: The Token For Identity’s Future

Our journey thus far has been underpinned by the unwavering support of our community, whose belief in our vision fuels our continued innovation and expansion. As we look towards a horizon filled with promise, our commitment to revolutionising digital identity remains steadfast. The listing of $MBID is a testament to the potential of SSI technology to create a more secure, efficient, and inclusive digital world.

We invite you to join us in this transformative journey. As $MBID becomes available for trading, we stand at the threshold of a new era in digital identity management. Together, we can shape a future where digital identities empower individuals, enhance security, and open doors to global opportunities.

Stay tuned to our social media channels and website for updates on our progress and insights into how we are leveraging the power of $MBID to redefine digital identity. Your participation and support are crucial to our mission, and we look forward to building this future with you.

We invite interested parties and potential investors to partake in this exciting phase of our project. 

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