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8 applications to keep a personal diary with you

If you are looking for apps where you can write and keep your personal journal from Android or iOS, you have come to the right place. Here, we will show you the best Apps to write a diary on your mobile, so keep reading this post until the end.

8 apps to write a diary and daily notes


There are applications that allow you to write down the things that happen to you in your day-to-day life, to thematic or visual diaries available to you. Discover below the best 8 apps out there for writing your diary and daily notes.

My Journal

The “My Journal” app is a free journal that has a password lock to protect the security of your information. From here, you can save your ideas, thoughts, experiences, moods, and, in short, any experience you’ve had.

You have the option to synchronize with Google Drive or Dropbox, so you can access it from different devices. It is a customizable journal that offers multiple journal themes you can choose from.

Daybook: Diary, Notes, Agenda

Keep your memories with this personal diary, notes, and journal app that lets you record your day-to-day life. Organize your memories, notes, experiences, etc. And if you are worried about someone checking your diary, this won’t be a problem because you can password-protect DayBook. It is a diary, simple and easy to use; just write and save.

It is possible to access the content of your notes in this personal diary from different devices, plus it will be automatically backed up in the cloud. This can be particularly handy if you’re an essaywriter and you get some ideas that need to be written down, and you’re not at your workplace. In addition, you can record voice notes using artificial intelligence, create agendas, plan activities, use it as a class notebook, as an expense tracker, etc.

Secret Diary

Secure and simple are two attributes that describe this app very well. With Secret Diary, you can store your daily notes while you have the security that your information is well protected since Secret Diary is a free diary that has a fingerprint lock.

We recommend this app because you have the option to add backgrounds, emojis, and private images, plus you can choose themed applications to decorate your diary to your liking. And if that wasn’t enough, it allows you to search by date, image, keyword, or tag.


Did you know that you can have a diary without having to write even a single line? Just as you read it. Daylio is one of the free apps for keeping a diary without having to write anything. It is easy to operate and works on Android and iOS devices.

Daylio is versatile, as in this app, you can reflect your moods, your feelings of gratitude, and your daily care records. Use Daylio as a Bullet Journal and achieve your well-being and self-improvement. Ideal for stress relief, you can add activities that help you keep positive thinking at all times.

Five Minute Journal

An app you can’t miss if you’re dealing with stress and anxiety. Five Minute Journal is an app founded on positive psychology principles to make you happy for at least 5 minutes a day, so it offers you a guided gratitude format.

The user experience is very intuitive, moving around the app is quite easy, and adding entries is very simple. Its guided process helps you get the most out of your journaling experience. In addition, all your entries are protected with your passwords, and it has compatibility with a multitude of devices (such as Android tablets, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watch, among others).

Personal Journal

Write your secrets, thoughts, or plans in your “Personal Journal”. This is an ideal journal to use every day. This app features a lock and mood tracker, so you can explore your emotions and add photos to your entries.

Keep your memories stored in this application, and password protect it from prying eyes who want to know details of your private life. With the emotion tracker, you can find out what makes you feel better. Simple and easy to use, that’s the Personal Diary app.

My Daily Chat Diary

My Daily Chat Diary is a free online personal diary where you can keep track of your mood. This app has themes, images, stickers, mood trackers, etc., making it more customizable and secure.

An application that makes you feel comfortable, with a good user interface. It has a night mode for writing at night. Protect your personal journal with a passcode and fingerprint lock. It can also be used as a photo log journal.

Life: personal diary, notes

Keep all your memories in this personal diary. Write how your life journey was (or will be), record notes, daily plans, to-do list, and express everything you want in this pocket diary.

It comes with a password and fingerprint lock to protect your information from intruders. This application is a good option to express yourself, and the best thing is that it works without the need to be connected to the internet.