5 Signs you need to replace tour Spark Plug

Most car owners do not give much thought to the tiny spark plugs of their automobiles. But the spark plus is an important auto part that leads to a healthy, well-tuned car engine. The spark plug can hamper the performance of a car, fuel efficiency, and even the smooth function of your engine. While the spark plug needs some fine-tuning once in a while, let us first understand what it actually is.

What is a Spark Plug?

The spark plugs are an essential auto part more specifically is a part of the ignition system. They are screwed on top of the engine cylinders and get an electrical current from the ignition coils at a very high voltage. This is the spare that initiates the process of ignition, after which the spark plug creates an electric spark that is responsible for igniting the compressed air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

This entire process takes place almost a thousand times in one minute while you are driving. This constant ignition helps the car to be in motion. The number of spark plugs is directly proportional to the number of cylinders present in your automotive.

5 Signs you need to replace your spark plug

Spark plugs are like any other auto parts which need care and maintenance every now and then. For example, some spark plugs need to be replaced after your car has gone for about 30,000 miles. Again some better quality ones need to be replaced every 100,000 miles.

So what are the main signs your car gives out that your spark plug needs to be changed? Let us take a closer look:

  • Car not starting properly- While one of the major reasons for your car not starting is a flat battery, your spark plug might also cause this problem. Worn-out spark plugs lead to the ignition working harder while faulty ones make your battery durian out. Worn-out spark plugs can be due to harsh weather conditions. This also prevents the engine from turning over. If you see this symptom, you should get your spark plugs checked.
  • Engine misfire- A misfire refers to the phenomenon where the car comes to a sudden halt for a second then starts running at a normal speed. This phenomenon is easily recognizable and the severity of the misfire depends on how often it happens. Engine misfire is a sure sign that your engine is not fully functional. This can happen if your spark plugs are not working properly. This leads to a reduction in engine power, fuel efficiency, and an increase in exhaust emissions. You should get your car checked immediately if it happens too often.
  • Rough idle in the car- Idling is the situation when your engine runs while your car is stationary. If the spark plugs are working properly then the sound of the engine running will be subtly and smooth. If there is any problem with the spark plugs, then the engine will make rough jittery sounds. You should get your car checked immediately as it can lead to serious damage to your automobile later on.
  • Reduced acceleration- If you put your foot on the pedal and the acceleration does not respond well or responds slowly, it is a sign of poor acceleration. Your car will feel like it is straining to move. This can be due to a faulty spark plug. Replacing it will take away the sluggish movement of the car thus restoring it to its proper condition.
  • Less fuel efficiency – The emissions are kept at a minimum with the help of these spark plugs. If the spark plugs are not performing properly it leads to a decrease in the fuel economy of the car for incomplete combustion. So if you notice that you have to fill up your fuel more often than before, you need to get your spark plugs checked. Replacing them will restore your car’s original high fuel efficiency.

While the need for replacing spark plug may rise without notice, one should remember that their car needs the exact same spark plug-in replacement as it had before. You should always check your car manual before buying a new one.


It is essential that you pay attention to the telling signs your car puts out, it will ensure that you do not have to bear the hassle of a major problem later on. If you experience any of the above signs, it is time to have your car checked and spark plugs replaced.

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