10 business energy savings tips

Energy savings are easy when you know how. So, read this piece and learn ….how!

1. Involve Your Staff

For an energy saving program within a business to be effective, everybody must be involved. You can enjoy savings of anywhere from 5- to 10- percent, often through employees offering suggestions and implementing them. Josco NJ Corporation can help to formulate an effective energy saving program.

2. Regulate Your Heating

Try reducing winter heating temperatures by 1 degree since this can reduce your heating bill by as much as 8 percent. In summer, you can increase the set point for the air conditioning. Make sure that thermostats are accurate by positioning them away from direct sunlight and draughts.

3. Don’t Waste Heat

The windows and doors should always stay shut whenever the air conditioning is running. Fitting draught excluders and ensuring that your premises are properly insulated should be incredibly cost-effective with short payback times.

4. Reduce the Use of Artificial Lighting

If you keep the windows and skylights clean, it is possible to cut the amount spent on lighting. If you are working in just one part of the room, consider isolating the lights to just that area. Ensure that switches are labeled so that staff only turn on the lights that they need. You may even consider installing daylight and motion sensors to automatically turn on and off the lights.

5. Switch off Your Office Equipment

Did you know that if you leave a computer and monitor on 24 hours a day it can cost about $70 a year? Switching it off out of hours and activating standby mode can help reduce this to about $20 a year. You may even consider fitting 7-day timers to make sure that equipment such as water coolers, copiers, and printers are not only turned off during the night, but also weekends too.

6. Compress Your Air Costs

Compressed air is typically generated at maximum pressure. If you reduce pressure by 10 percent, you can end up enjoying up to 5 percent savings in energy. Small, incremental reductions are recommended, ensuring that operations are not affected. You also need to be testing for and fixing leaks regularly. You might be surprised to learn that even a small leak could end up costing you over $950 a year in terms of wasted energy.

7. Don’t Forget About Motors

Motors are usually hidden within machinery, which is why it is hardly surprising that they are usually forgotten and left running even when not in use. You can save energy by identifying and turning motors off during job changes and breaks. If you wish to make additional savings, the motors that drive pumps and fans can usually be controlled with ‘variable speed drives.’

8. Encourage Green Transport

Upgrade your vans and cars to green electric versions to cut cost and lower carbon emissions. You can also encourage people to walk or cycle to work according to GES.

9. Keep Your Equipment Properly Maintained

A common factor across all the measures discussed above is the need to maintain your equipment to ensure that it is operating efficiently. This may range from cleaning windows and light fittings to keeping ventilation and compressed air filters clean, to checking door seals as well as repairing leaks and holes.

10. Measure Your Savings

Ensure that you regularly read your meters. It will allow you to identify how your company is using energy along with where it is being wasted.

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