SpiceJet flight bound to Jabalpur returns to Delhi after smoke in cabin


SpiceJet aircraft which was bound to Jabalpur from Delhi had landed safely back at Delhi airport after the cabin crew reportedly saw smoke in the cabin. As the airplane was cruising at 5000ft, said a SpiceJet spokesperson. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) has launched an investigation into the incident. 

According to the initial reports, the cabin crew informed that smoke was noticed in the cabin when the plane was at 5000ft. Although no smoke signs were found during a visual check. Reports say the smoke alarm near the lavatory had gone off soon after the smoke was noticed. 

SpiceJet flight returns after smoke in cabin

The smoke had also increased as the plane was climbing but soon the return procedure was initiated. 

Reports of breathlessness were also given by the passengers on board. One of the passengers informed us that they had to splash water on their masks so that they can breathe. Senior citizens and children had started coughing. 

The SpiceJet jet has made an emergency landing twice in the past 15 days. On June 19, a plane with 185 passengers on board that was headed for Delhi made an emergency landing in Patna shortly after takeoff because the left engine caught fire due to a bird strike.

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