ONGC helicopter emergency landing close to Arabian turns into rescue mission

ONGC Helicopter made emergency landing 50 nautical miles off the coast of Mumbai near the ONGC rig Sagar Kiran in Mumbai High.


According to the latest reports on June 28, 2022, an ONGC Helicopter made an emergency landing near the ONGC rig Sagar Kiran in Mumbai High. Moreover, the helicopter was carrying a total of 9 passengers which included 7 passengers and 2 pilots. As of now, 5 people have been rescued and rescue operations are underway. 

Out of the passengers on board, 6 were possibly ONGC employees and one was an individual contractor. Also, it had landed with the help of floaters attached to the chopper. Which usually contained materials from shore to offshore installations. The expected land zone for the helicopter was to be 50 nautical miles off the Mumbai coast. When the helicopter went for an emergency landing. In the most recent reports, almost 1.5 km from the helipad the chopper fell into the sea.

Offshore Supply Vessel Malviya-16, which was redirected by MRCC Mumbai to assist rescue operations, was able to save five individuals. According to officials, a Coast Guard ship at sea was redirected to the area, while a second ship proceeded out from Mumbai to assist in rescue efforts. A life raft for survivors was dropped by a Coast Guard plane. The Mumbai-based Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) has activated the International Safety Net (ISN). According to sources, the Coast Guard is collaborating with the Indian Navy. Hence, ONGC to mobilize and bolster the rescue operation.

ONGC has taken to its official twitter handle to keep netizens updated with the ongoing recue mission. ONGC further said that the rescue efforts are in full swing.

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