Indigo Flight delayed due to suspicious conversation between two passengers

Indigo Flight was delayed due to a suspicious conversation on a co-passengers phone.


A flight from Mangalore to Mumbai was delayed by six hours as a result of a female passenger raising the alert over a strange text message she received on a fellow traveller’s phone here. All of the passengers were requested to exit the aircraft before the IndiGo flight was allowed to take off for Mumbai on Sunday night, and their luggage was meticulously scrutinised for any indications of sabotage, according to the police.

A female passenger noticed a man on the plane with a message on his phone and alerted the flight attendants. As the plane was ready to take off, the crew alerted the air traffic controller that it needed to return to the bay. The man in question was talking to his girlfriend as they waited for a flight to Bengaluru from the same airport. His fiancée was unable to travel to the capital of Karnataka because of the man’s inability to board the plane due to protracted interrogation.

All 185 passengers were eventually reboarded for the journey to Mumbai following a thorough investigation of their bags, and the plane took off at 5 o’clock. No complaints have recently been filed, according to the local police commissioner N Shashi Kumar, because it was merely a friendly discussion between two friends concerning security. Previous instances like that took place just a few days ago.

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