Akasa Air releases new routes between Delhi-Bengaluru and Delhi-Ahmedabad

Akasa Air opened up new routes and new plans for expansion as well.


The newest airline in India, Akasa Air, said in a press release that reservations are already being taken for flights between Delhi and Bengaluru and Delhi and Ahmedabad, which will start operating on October 8.

“As Indian air travellers continue to return to travel in promising numbers, Delhi has been witnessing a significant revival in passenger traffic. We look forward to catering to the growing demand and continue to add more destinations to our network,” Praveen Iyer, Akasa Air’s Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer.

The airline will run a daily trip from Gujarat’s Ahmedabad to Delhi, departing at 9.10 a.m. Every day at 7:20 p.m., Delhi will depart for the return journey. The price for a flight departing from Ahemdabad is Rs 4,742, while a trip departing from Delhi is Rs 4,576. The Delhi-Bengaluru flight is supposed to. At 3.45 p.m., a return flight will depart Bengaluru. The cost of a flight departing from Delhi begins at Rs. 7,057, while one departing from Bengaluru starts at Rs. 7,371.

Akasa Air newly formed has a new set of routes and plans. With a concentration on the metro to tier 2 and 3 routes, Akasa Air hopes to keep expanding its network in order to develop a significant presence over all of India. “Akasa Air’s fleet size will be 18 aircraft by the end of March 2023 and over the next four years, the airline will add 54 additional aircraft, taking its total fleet size to 72 aircraft,” the airline said in a press release.